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Queen's former chaplain

Queen’s former chaplain converts to Catholicism

Gavin Ashenden, the Queen’s former chaplain, Saturday converted from the Church of England to Catholicism. Prior to his official conversion, he explained it in an article in the Daily Mail. He blamed the Church of England’s “wider capitulation to the increasingly intense and non-negotiable demands of a secular culture.” Much of the article focussed on …

serial offender anglican priest

Anglican priest calls church ‘a serial offender’ against LGBTIQ

An Anglican priest from Albury in New South Wales described the church as a serial offender against LGBTIQ people. He also blamed the ongoing debate over the Religious Freedoms Bill for causing anxiety among his parishioners. Father Peter MacLeod-Miller told the ABC that perhaps it was time for the progressive and conservative arms of the …

Anglican Reverends Slam Church’s $1m Donation To ‘No’ Campaign

An Anglican rector has blasted the decision of his church’s Sydney diocese to donate $1m to the postal survey “no” campaign in a passionate open letter. Archbishop Glenn Davies (pictured) announced the donation on Monday, telling the church that “removing gender from the marriage construct” would have “irreparable consequences” for society. “I believe that a …