The QNews App: easy mobile access to the news you want

QNews proudly announces the launch of our newest media platform — the QNews App.

QNews publisher Richard Bakker said the migration to mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites was a long-established trend.

“Over the last few years, smartphones and tablets revolutionised the way readers access news. As we go to press with this issue of QNews Magazine, over 75% of readers view on mobile phones or tablets.

“With most news websites originally designed for viewing on desktop computers and laptops, mobile devices demand new platforms for optimal reader satisfaction.

“But research also shows that the majority of news readers prefer apps over mobi-sites.

“Hence, the all-new QNews App.”

The QNews App will bring our readers all the same news as our website, but optimised for your digital device. You’ll still get the same news, views, arts, entertainment, politics, health, travel, and more.

Readers can also choose to receive notifications when new content is added to the site.

New Features

Additionally, the QNews App will offer some new features.

Our business directory will list LGBTIQ+ and LGBTIQ+ friendly businesses. Need a plumber, doctor or florist you can trust supports you and your community? You’ll find them on the QNews App.

Or perhaps you might need to access a community service or organisation. You’ll also find those listed on the user-friendly QNews App.

Finally, our new events calendar lists everything that’s happening in Brisbane and around the state.

Richard Bakker said the App offerings will increase over time.

“We plan to extend our business and community listings and the calendar Australia-wide. But our focus is on keeping the app user-friendly, so we will start regional and work our way national.

“The whole point of an app is the ease of use, so we will remain laser-focused on offering our readers quick and easy access to the information they want, when they want it, and how they want it.”

Click on the links below to download the app.

For iOS devices click here.

For android devices click here.

The QNews App: easy mobile access to the news you want.

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