Complaints and Correction of errors

QNews makes every effort to avoid errors but mistakes sometimes happen.
QNews responds promptly when it becomes aware of an error in accordance with its Editorial Policy.
Corrections and Clarifications are noted in footnotes on articles. Major issues and retractions are dealt with via specific published content.
You can request a correction by emailing

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Complaints Process

How to lodge a complaint
Online: Email to
Call: (07) 3852 5933 10 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday
Write to the Managing Editor QNews P.O. Box 5835 West End 4101 Queensland, Australia
Complaints provided using a valid email address will be promptly acknowledged.

Grounds for complaint

Please tell us which content you are complaining about.
For QNews Magazine: Issue and page number and title of the content. Headline or URL of the content.
Social Media: The title and date of the post and a URL if available.

  • Nature of concern.
  • Outline the nature of your concern.
  • If you believe a breach of the QNews Editorial Policy or Social Media Policy has occurred tell us which policy you believe
    has been breached and why.
  • Identify yourself.

QNews does not respond to anonymous complaints.
Please correspond with us in good faith and with the same courtesy, you will receive in reply.

QNews does not reply to offensive or abusive correspondence.

The Process

Complaints relating to personal taste or preference will be noted and the Managing Editor will provide a response within 14 days.
Complaint relating to QNews Editorial Policy will be assessed by the Managing Editor and a response provided.
Where a breach of the QNews Editorial Policy is identified, QNews will publish either an appropriate correction or retraction within 14 days. If the issue takes longer to resolve than 14 days, an update will be provided to the complainant noting the reason for the delay.

Legal matters

In regard to legal matters, please contact the Publisher of QNews by emailing

Editorial Policy   |   Social Media Policy