Anglican priest calls church ‘a serial offender’ against LGBTIQ

serial offender anglican priest
Image: Father Peter MacLeod-Miller/Facebook

An Anglican priest from Albury in New South Wales described the church as a serial offender against LGBTIQ people. He also blamed the ongoing debate over the Religious Freedoms Bill for causing anxiety among his parishioners.

Father Peter MacLeod-Miller told the ABC that perhaps it was time for the progressive and conservative arms of the church to divorce. Father MacLeod-Miller ministers from St Matthew’s Anglican Church in Albury, New South Wales. Despite its New South Wales location, the church belongs to the Victorian Diocese of Wangaratta.


Earlier this year, the diocese voted to offer blessings to same-sex marriages in local churches. Following that vote, the Archbishop of Sydney called for supporters of same-sex marriage to leave the church.

Archbishop Glenn Davies said the move would “fracture the  Anglican Church of Australia.”

As Archbishop of Sydney, Davies comes from the country’s most conservative Anglican diocese. He is also deputy chair of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON). GAFCOM seems to exist mainly to provide get-togethers for Anglican clerics who can’t bear to attend anything with gay clergy in attendance.

Davies complained of constant pressure to change doctrine “in order to satisfy the lusts and pleasures of the world… We cannot bless same-sex marriages for the simple reason that we cannot bless sin.”

Religious Freedoms Bill arming a serial offender

Father MacLeod-Miller said he worried the Religious Freedoms Bill might embolden such attitudes.

“The Government, in arming the Church in this latest battle, is arming a serial offender.”

A bad brand

The Anglican priest told the ABC the fight for a more progressive church had become personal.

So much so, he now removes his clerical collar while campaigning for LGBTIQ equality.

“It’s such a bad brand.

“It’s a bit like you walk down the street and people associate you with bad things.

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