Queen’s former chaplain converts to Catholicism

Queen's former chaplain
Image: Gavin Ashenden/Facebook

Gavin Ashenden, the Queen’s former chaplain, Saturday converted from the Church of England to Catholicism. Prior to his official conversion, he explained it in an article in the Daily Mail. He blamed the Church of England’s “wider capitulation to the increasingly intense and non-negotiable demands of a secular culture.”

Much of the article focussed on transgender issues. Ashenden spoke sympathetically of the suffering caused by gender dysphoria.

“Gender dysphoria – where a person feels they are a different gender to their physical sex – must be a terrible thing to suffer from.”

Offensive as some will find the word ‘feels’, that’s nothing to what he says on his own website. There, he refers unambiguously to “the mental illness of gender dysphoria”. Perhaps his Daily Mail editors worried their readers might feel more empathy for their fellow human beings than Ashenden’s regular readership.

“The surprising discovery that what the Catholic Church taught was true”

However, on 19 December, three days before the Daily Mail article, Ashenden told Premier Christianity a different story. He explained that there was more to his conversion than the Church of England’s progressive agenda.

Indeed, he said that one of the things that led him to a belief in Catholicism was apparitions of the Virgin Mary. He studied all the various appearances of Mary over the years and came to believe in the truth of those apparitions.

Ashenden also described his own supernatural experience “when in 2008 I found myself with a surprising and utterly awful experience of evil.”

He came under seeming attacks from hell for three nights from 1 am until 5 am. He describes “Despair, accusation, sulphur, burning.”

After consulting an exorcist who advised “Pray the rosary,” he turned to his beads. By the third night of fondling those, a strong scent of roses replaced the evil phenomena. Apparently, the smell of roses often accompanies interventions by the Virgin Mary.

Queen’s former chaplain changes his mind

Ashenden is 65 years old. He was ordained into the Church of England in 1980 and left it in 2017. But the Queen’s former chaplain, that is, ex-chaplain to the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, now disbelieves what he preached for nearly 40 years. Either that, or he exhorted congregations to beliefs he did not himself hold.

Why would anyone who believes in eternal life trust this guy to lead them to Heaven?

He now believes in transubstantiation, the primacy of the Pope, invoking dead saints, and the veneration of Mary.

No doubt, we will hear more from him as he launches his crusade to save the world from gender dysphoria.

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