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The Brisbane Queer Film Festival is this year celebrating its 20th birthday and has unveiled its 2019 program of queer feature films, documentaries and short films. This year’s theme of the long-running festival is “Reflection” to highlight the power of films to create awareness, change and acceptance not just within the mainstream society, but within the queer community …

sexually suggestive emojis

Whether it’s an eggplant, peach or even a love heart, emojis are supposed to be a fun way to communicate and even flirt. But workers are warned against sending suggestive emojis to colleagues. It could cost their job and leave them defending a sexual harassment claim. Emojis include suggestive objects like eggplants and peaches, which …

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Want to know how to prepare for a blush-free Brazilian? This rather private treatment is one of the most popular among both women and men, and Australian Skin Clinics offer laser hair removal from the face to the toes, and all body areas in between, so we asked the experts. Here’s what you need to …

Jools and Lynda Topp

The Mardi Gras Strictly Kaftan Party is a pool party with a twist, hosted by Dame Jools and Dame Lynda Topp, real dames, and real twin sisters, a pair of yodelling farm girls from rural New Zealand. Wanda D’Parke spoke to the twins ahead of their return to Australia this Mardi Gras season. Dear Reader, …

gender stereotyping

When I was pregnant with my son, friends and acquaintances concluded we knew the sex of our baby. My Facebook posts of baby clothing I bought before the birth probably contributed to that. Pink cat socks? Must be a girl! A toddler soccer kit? You didn’t tell me you were having a boy? Actually, we …

adriatic sea

You’re invited on the cruise of a lifetime with Global Jetsetting’s eight-day tour of the Adriatic this May. You’ll embark from the legendary city over Naples, nestled under Mount Vesuvius, travel to Taormina and stroll the charming medieval streets to the ruins of an ancient Greek theatre. Finally, you’ll reach the Dalmatian coastline with the …

healthy relationship

It’s easy to know you’re in a healthy relationship. You feel happy, safe, supported and respected. Your partner does not tell you what you can do or who you can see. They do not monitor your behaviour to ensure compliance. Domestic and family violence is not about conflict. It is about power and control. In …


There’s more to being queer than coming out and getting married. As the media landscape evolves, we’re seeing more and more queer stories on our screens. But are they ours? That’s the question that’s being asked by stage production Queerstories, returning to Queensland next month as part of this year’s 10th anniversary Brisbane Comedy Festival. …