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The Graceland Happiness Project Tim Dormer Ben Zabel Big Brother

The heart warming documentary The Graceland Happiness Project, featuring Big Brother contestants Tim Dormer and Ben Zabel is now on Amazon Prime.

The pair filmed the project in 2014 in the year after they appeared on Big Brother together.

After Ben had been struggling with his mental health, together they went on a journey to help him find happiness.

The Graceland Happiness Project

After Tim Dormer won Big Brother he promised he would take his friend Ben Zabel to the home of one of his childhood idols, Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

However after Ben struggled with his mental health and a suicide attempt made headlines, plans changed.

Instead of embarking on a holiday, the pair went on a journey together to help Ben find his happiness.

Together they tried to understand if finding happiness was that simple?

Could they help Ben turn his life around?

How could they help him change his outlook and find his happiness?

“The Graceland Happiness Project explores the complexity of not only having depression but also being the friend of someone who is suffering from mental illness.” Their website reads.

The “series follows Tim and Ben’s journey to Memphis in the search for happiness, exploring everything from celebrity to civil rights, religion, music history and most importantly the power of friendship.”

“Tim challenges Ben in the hope that he discovers something worth living for.”

This heartwarming and uplifting documentary originally aired on the ABC as part of their “Mental As” week to bring awareness to mental health.

Now it is available to air on Amazon Prime Video in Australia.

Tim Dormer & Ben Zabel on Big Brother

In 2013 Ben Zabel and Tim Dormer became instant favourites when they appeared on Big Brother.

At the time Ben was the affable, awkward and loveable geek, who was also gay and unlucky in love.

Tim was the loud and loveable rebel who would eventually come out as gay after his season aired.

Whilst Ben left the show in a surprise eviction result, Tim Dormer went on to win the season.

The pair made an adorable and unlikely duo that the country came to fall in love with during their time on the show.

So much so that Ben returned for a short stint in the 2014 season.

Meanwhile Tim Dormer has returned for the 2022 season of Big Brother which pitches former contestants against new players.

Whilst it has been many years since we’ve seen the two on screen together, now you can relive their adventures.

The Graceland Happiness Project is now airing on Amazon Prime Video in Australia, watch the trailer below.

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  1. Andrew Mercado
    8 June 2022

    It is airing in Australia … and then later it is not airing in Australia?
    I just checked and it is definitely airing in Australia – maybe this is a misprint and you mean not America?

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