Homophobic Letter Signed ‘Jesus’ Blames Sydney’s Drought On Marriage Equality

Sydney residents have reportedly received homophobic letters signed “Jesus, The Messiah” that say the state’s current drought is a “curse” brought on by marriage equality.

One resident, who lives less than 100 metres from Oxford Street in Darlinghurst, found the ominous note in his mailbox.

“Do you know why I have dried up your state?” the letter reads.

“You chose the curse last year when your nation collectively decided to vote ‘yes’ to that which I abhor.

“The recent hailstorm was your warning to turn from wickedness. Plead with your government, reverse your shameful marriage laws.

“Ban remarriage and unjustified divorce, or I will bring hail in a violent form of destruction and death and delight to brake [sic] your pride.”

The author takes credit for the recent change of Prime Minister, and claims Malcolm Turnbull was “wicked” and gave Australians “evil desires”. “Jesus” also issues a similar warning to Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

Local resident Nick Smith posted a photo of the letter to Twitter after finding it in his mailbox, and Junkee reported similar envelopes could be seen in other mailboxes in the suburb. Oxford Street is the location of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’ annual parade.

Smith told Junkee the letter was penned by a “clearly unhinged” person and he was able to laugh it off.

“It was a not great reminder of the postal survey last year and the sort of views which were aerated at the time,” he said.

“[The postal survey] was an all-around crappy time for me and my friends.”

In the Sydney letter, “Jesus” makes reference to a similar letter spotted around Hobart in July.

The homophobic poster, also signed in Jesus’ name, warned of “killer storms” if marriage equality wasn’t repealed.

“Plead with your senator to amend the marriage act, ban unbiblical divorce, ban adulterous marriages, ban fornication, ban pornography, ban gay marriage, stop killing the unborn lest I rape your state that there be poverty like you have not seen,” the letter read.

“If you do not repent, then I will bring killer storms and… the west coast will be shaken in my fury and Launceston will be torn up.”

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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