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‘Old Town Road’ and other western songs in gay culture

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legends never die orvilla peck shania twain

Orville Peck just dropped his latest release — a duet with fellow country-pop crossover Canadian Shania Twain. ‘Legends Never Die’ sees the pair performing an impromptu performance at drive-in theatre. Watch the video for ‘Legends Never Die’ below. The new track is on Orville Peck’s new six-song Show Pony EP.  Show Pony also includes the …

outback mardi gras gay cowboys

The Post Office Hotel in the far north town of Cloncurry last night kicked off a weekend of outback Mardi Gras fun for the local gay cowboys, cowgirls and their local allies. The western Queensland cattle town sits smack bang in Bob Katter’s federal electorate of Kennedy. 53.3% of that electorate voted No during the …

lil nas x old town road gay cowboy western

Some critics may already deride “Old Town Road” as a one-hit wonder but the multiple remixes of Lil Nas X’s hit already make it one of the biggest songs of the decade. That the now openly gay singer-songwriter chose a cowboy theme for his track is not surprising. Songs featuring an element of yippee ki-yay …