Intersex Australians Wanted For Next Series Of ABC’s ‘You Can’t Ask That’

Australian drag queens appear on the ABC series You Can't Ask That

The ABC’s eye-opening series You Can’t Ask That is returning next year and producers are looking for intersex Australians to appear on the show to answer those questions that people are too afraid to ask.

The fascinating show allows people from marginalised or misunderstood groups and communities to answer questions – some ignorant, some well-meaning, some both – that have been submitted anonymously by the public.

As well as intersex people, in 2019 the show wants to interview alcoholics, Africans, survivors of domestic violence, former politicians, strippers, people who have killed someone (accidentally or intentionally), Olympic gold medalists, people who’ve been bullied, disaster survivors, lotto winners and travelling show people (“carnies”).

To apply to be on the show or to submit your questions for the different groups of people, visit the ABC website here.

A group of Australian drag stars were among the interviewees for the show’s current season, which started airing earlier this month and is available to watch in full on ABC iView.

One question answered by Perth drag queen Strykermeyer and Melbourne performer Doug Lucas in this seasons was, “Is there any point to this other than silly dress ups?”

Strykermeyer replies, “At one stage, we used to have to go to gay bars because there was safety in numbers, so we would create our own environments.

“We created our own stars, we created our own scene, our own type of music, our own social calendars.

“Doesn’t happen now. People get onto Grindr or you can go into a straight pub without worrying that you might be punched in because you’re a poof.”

Doug adds, “When the HIV epidemic hit and nobody knew what to do, drag queens raised money. We raised thousands.

“In every city of this country and the world, to all rally together and get everyone… to get out and contribute.”

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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