Zac Efron Talks Dressing In Drag In New ‘Baywatch’ Reboot

Zac Efron has donned drag in a new trailer for the upcoming film version of “Baywatch”.

In a new trailer for the comedy reboot of the cheesy 90s TV hit, Zac wears full drag, including heels, a wig and lots of blush.


The actor took to Twitter to describe the experience, writing: “Mad respect to all the ladies who can handle heels. 1 of my hardest stunts EVER on #Baywatch.”

For the rest of the movie Zac is half-naked, teaming up with Dwayne Johnson who is taking over David Hasselhoff’s role of Mitch Buchanan in the new movie.

Baywatch opens in Australian cinemas on June 1. Watch the trailer below: