Yuri Tolochko: stroking media erogenous zones with clickbait

Yuri Tolochko clickbait erogenous zones
Images: Yuri Tolochko Instagram.

Few things cause the same excitement in newsrooms as a bodybuilder marrying a love doll. Not war, famine, pandemic or even a Kardashian. Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko understands that and seductively strokes media erogenous zones, providing clickbait that drives traffic to his adult content.

The love doll narrative proves irresistible to mainstream media. And that clickbait prompts numerous searches for Yuri’s adult content — content apparently designed for a gay male audience. Although he posts lust-filled interludes with his ‘wife’, there are also dildo shows and the like. Yuri, it must be said, demonstrates remarkable hands-off sphincteral control of that butt plug. There’s also hot man-on-man action.

Although Kazakhstan decriminalized male and female same-sex sexual activity in 1998, LGBTIQ+ people continue to face significant discrimination. But Yuri Tolochko relentlessly promotes LGBTIQ+ rights and raises money for community causes.

So clickbait on not, we’re happy to give the bodybuilder a plug.

We searched through scores of vids on Yuri’s Twitter account to find something NOT NSFW to post here. We finally found one video that did not include explicit nudity or sexual activity. Of course, those in search of more explicit content to stimulate their erogenous zones can simply click through to his page.

Yuri Tolochko on Twitter

Yuri Tolochko first hit the headlines a while back when he ‘married’ Margot, a sex doll. However, Margot soon fell ill, broke, or deflated – take your pick. That is the problem with inflatable partners. It only takes one small prick and BOOM, all over.

Yuri then took up with an ashtray but that relationship also ran out of puff.

Fortunately, Yuri has found love again. This time with another doll. He and Luna just spent a week honeymooning in Bulgaria.

Yuri shared images of the honeymoon on Instagram.

“I did not get the chance to enjoy a honeymoon with Luna until now. The pandemic changed everyone’s plans massively so when the chance came to go to Bulgaria for work, I was happy I could take Luna.

“It was a work trip, but it was also so romantic that I consider it a honeymoon as well.

“We met a lot of people during my work time and also went out to restaurants.”

Pansexual Adult content creator


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Describing himself as pansexual, Yuri says he prefers ‘unusual’ sex.

“What do I like about sex?

“I love weird sex. And I don’t like normal sex at all. Regular sex doesn’t turn me on at all. Anyone can be my partner, but sex should be unusual. It is important. I also like to fantasize during sex, to imagine fantastic eras, places, fantastic creatures. And I can really admire objects, food. They are able to bring me to orgasm.”

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