Yuri Guaii: “My time on Drag Race was a series of unfortunate events”

Yuri Guaii Drag Race Down Under

It’s past the halfway point on Drag Race Down Under and this week Yuri Guaii was the latest queen to sashay away from the program.

Yuri sat down to chat with Michael James about her time on the show.

She talked about her lack of confidence going into the program, fans that have reached out to her what it was really like working with Beverly Kills this week.

Yuri Guaii on Drag Race Down Under

It wasn’t long before Yuri Guaii became known as the quiet queen of Drag Race Down Under season two.

Despite serving some loud and fierce looks on the runway, when it came to the workroom many of the queens were much bigger personalities.

“I’m not the loudest or the most confident person” she says.

“But I spend a lot of time and effort into my looks and everything. So I guess once I’m wearing my runway outfits or anything I’m just like ‘you can’t tell me that I’m not the most beautiful person in the whole entire world because like have you seen me?'” she laughs.

But despite being out of her comfort zone Yuri Guaii was determined to give it her all.

“The whole thing was a crazy crazy experience but I’m just so proud of myself that I got as far as I did and that I did things that I never knew that I would do.”

“I’m really happy with what I showed the world because this is literally what I’ve been wanting to do for so long. Just show the world my drag and who Yuri is and everything so I’m really happy and proud with what I’ve done.”

“My time on drag race was a series of unfortunate events”

Even though she was proud of her time on Drag Race Down Under, Yuri Guaii was still fighting her own demons as she struggled through the show.

“So literally I feel like my time on Drag Race was a series of unfortunate events.”

Between struggling through challenges and even a trip to doctors for that eye incident, Yuri was still battling with herself.

“I was my biggest enemy, I had no drama with anyone else besides myself.”

“I feel like I just tried my best even if I didn’t know what I was doing, I was like I’ll give it a go do my best and see what happens.”

“It definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone a lot.”

“Walking into the workroom for the first time I was like ‘yeah I got this everything’s gonna be great’ hyping myself up when I walked in.”

But it wasn’t long before self-doubt kicked in.

“I felt so out of place, I was like ‘what am I doing?’ Like, I don’t belong here everyone’s just so loud and such big personalities.”

“After a few episodes I got more comfortable with everyone. When I finally got more comfortable with the cameras and the queens I was like okay cool I can chill out a bit more and be more myself.”

Having filmed Drag Race Down Under so many months earlier Yuri Guaii has had time to reflect on her time on the show and connect with fans.

“I’ve been getting so much love, like so much. There’s people been messaging me and being like ‘hey I’m also really quiet and reserved and I’m not the biggest personality and seeing you on Drag Race has really helped me.’ And know that it’s okay
to be awkward or not be the loudest queen or anything.”

“But I’ve been getting so many messages so many lovely messages like that that.”

“I love Minnie, she’s always been there for me.”

When Minnie Cooper departed Drag Race Down Under, she left a pointed message on the mirror for her fellow queens.

Her parting words thanked Yuri Guaii, Kween Kong and Spankie Jackzon for being kind to her during her time on the show. More pointedly, she did not thank the rest of her castmates.

“When I walked into the workroom I was freaking out” Yuri reveals.

“The first person that came up to me and was like ‘are you okay? and sort of try to help me and calm me down was Minnie.”

“So I just stuck with Minnie through the first episode. I was like, I have no idea who anyone else is besides Spanky and Kong but Minnie was just there, just reassuring me. She was like you know we’re on Drag Race everything’s great, you’re fine, just calm down, don’t overthink everything.”

“I love Minnie, she’s always been there for me.”

The library is open

This week opened with a not-so-successful reading mini-challenge. Most of the queens struggled to land solid jokes for the challenge, Yuri Guaii was no exception.

“I tried my best but I really really couldn’t do it! I was like, I have no idea what I’m doing!”

“Usually when i read people it just happens it’s not something I prepare for.”

However Yuri had some unexpected help for the challenge, even though it didn’t help her hit the mark.

“Poor like Aubrey got sent home early, but she actually left me her reads.”

“I used a lot of them but I did them so badly! She was probably thinking why did I give you my reads? I was the worst person to give them to!”

Maxi Challenge

Singing and dancing was not something Yuri Guaii was looking forward to. While she can serve a look, choreography is definitely not her strong point. When it came time for the girl group challenge she found herself out of her depth and struggling.

“When we got put into groups I really really really wanted to be with Kween Kong but she was like ‘I’m going with Hannah and Spanky!”

It was an early sign for Yuri that foreshadowed her departure.

“I sort of knew then, I was like I feel like I’m gonna go home now.”

Yuri gave it her all going into the challenge, but still struggled to find a comfortable place.

“There’s just so much happening. I was like, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m gonna try my best.”

“I drank way too many energy drinks, I couldn’t focus on learning the choreography, but I tried.”

Yuri Guaii found herself paired with Beverly Kills and Molly Poppinz for the challenge.

On-screen it appeared the group was flailing under Beverlys’ leadership, but Yuri reflects that Beverly was trying her hardest to work with what she had.

“I don’t think it was a clash, I think we were just all trying to do our best.”

“I feel sort of bad for Beverly that she got put with me and Molly because we are not the strongest performers. So Beverly was sort of teaching us all this choreogprhy. Then me and Molly are like ‘I don’t know how to do that can you dumb it down?’ We didn’t know how to do the things that she wanted us to do, but she worked around us.”

If anything, Beverly was the saving grace for the group.

“Honestly like if we didn’t have Beverly, oh my gosh imagine what it would have been like?!”

“She was like, I am not lip-syncing a third time in a row. She’s like this is what I’m good at so I’m gonna show the judges and honestly she did so good, I’m like good for you babe.”

While the judges deliberated Beverly floated the hopeful idea that perhaps all of the queens would be saved, but Yuri wasn’t entertaining the idea at all.

“I was honestly in my head like ‘shut up Bev, it’s me and Molly in the bottom, we’re lip-syncing, I’m lip-syncing. I’m not even
gonna think or for a second that no one’s lip-syncing.”

But in the end, it was Yuri Guaii who was told to Sashay Away.

“My outfit didn’t save me this time!” she laughed.

What’s next for Yuri Guaii?

“I literally have no idea!”

“I’m just making it up as I go, I’m just gonna go out, have like a great time and just make people happy.”

“That’s like all I can think about right now.”

“I know people have plans and everything but I don’t have plans. I’m just making it up as I go!”

Watch the full interview with Yuri Gauii about her time on Drag Race Down Under below and find out just who her second Snatch Game choice was going to be.

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