YouTube Apologises For Blocking LGBTI-Related Videos

YouTube fixes filtering issue LGBTI

YouTube has apologised after LGBTI vloggers found that some of their videos were being inexplicably censored on the video website.

Several YouTube stars found that when they switched their settings to YouTube’s “Restricted Mode”, LGBTI-related video would disappear.

The company spruiks its “Restricted Mode” as a setting that can be used by children and families to “help screen out potentially objectionable content”.

But queer YouTube stars hit out at the video site when it became clear seemingly innocuous queer content on topics like coming out, health and relationships had been caught in the net.

“With the click of a button YouTube’s restricted mode makes me appear straight,” Melanie Murphy wrote on Twitter, posting side-by-side screenshots to prove it.

In a statement on Twitter, YouTube said: “Sorry for all the confusion with Restricted Mode. Some videos have been incorrectly labeled and that’s not right. We’re on it!”

The previous day the company had said: “We are so proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform—they’re a key part of what YouTube is all about.

“The intention of Restricted Mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of our users who want a more limited experience. LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but videos that discuss more sensitive issues may not be.”

Queer YouTuber Rowan Ellis was one of the first to bring the blocking to light late last week, and she said YouTube is an “invaluable” space for queer and trans youth to be part of a community.

“If you genuinely want to protect children, this is not the way of going about it,” she said.

“These kids are scared, kids are alone and kids and dying and this is not how you help them.”

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Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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