‘You’re wrong’: Richard Wilkins reacts to cruel dig at son Christian

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Richard Wilkins has hit back after a troll hurled a particularly cruel and personal dig at his son Christian Wilkins for wearing a dress to the Logie Awards.

Christian was told by somebody online his parents would be ashamed of him after he wore a floor-length gown (below) to the Logies last month.

But the veteran entertainment reporter and “proud dad” wasn’t having it, defending his son on Instagram.

He wrote, “So… to anyone who dares to suggest that I am in any way ‘ashamed’ of my son Christian… for whatever reason… You are wrong!

“I could not be more proud!! He is an exceptional human being who will leave his stamp on the world long after his detractors have disappeared.

“I love you unconditionally.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph at the weekend, Richard Wilkins said Christian had called him and mentioned the comment.

“Christian told me he was getting a bit of heat,” he explained.

“And I just said never read the comments, darling. I asked him if he was okay, but I could tell he was a bit flat.”

Richard Wilkins said he then asked his son to send a nice photo of the two of them together so he write the social media post.

“It must have struck bit of a chord because there are a lot of people who don’t have that support or whose parents aren’t in their corner,” Richard told the Telegraph.

“I don’t understand that, but I certainly am.

“I didn’t flinch when I saw Christian in [his Logies] dress, I didn’t think much of it.”


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Richard said not everything Christian wears “is his cup of tea” but cheered his son for “shaking things up”.

“There has been the odd time over the years when he has come downstairs in his outfit and I say ‘Really?’” he said.

“It’s not all my cup of tea, I couldn’t pull it off. But he is doing it because he is having fun.

“I admire his bravery. He has great style. He is fashion forward.

“I am boring in my black suit, black shoes and a bow-tie. I’m not really shaking things up, am I?”

Christian Wilkins’ hilarious response to Logie Awards trolls

After the Logies last month, Christian responded to a Twitter troll who raged that his choice to wear a dress was “not normal”.

The female Twitter user wrote alongside a picture of him, “STOP normalising this bulls__t!!! IT’S NOT NORMAL!!!”

Wilkins retweeted her, replying, “What is happening to the world!!!! Masculinity is ending!!! Burn everything!!”

He also told 9News, “All I can really say is that I’m amazed at how vulnerable the patriarchy is that it can be threatened by a piece of silk.”

Last week, Christian Wilkins posted a photo of the frock that he wore to the Thor: Love and Thunder premiere.

“Oops, I wore a dress again,” he said.


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  1. Yolande Stiffel
    4 July 2022

    Personally I wish I could look that good in a dress, any dress!
    I agree with Richard and am so pleased that he is so supportive of his son. I posted my own outrage at the trolls on my Facebook page:
    I am disgusted by the way people judge others. Recently we have been introduced to Christian Wilkins as he walked the red carpet at the Logies in his choice of outfit. If a woman wears a suit and tie generally worn by men, it’s OK, but for Christian, people are spewing insults and vile remarks. We need to remember that clothes don’t make the person. Are we sure people approve of what we wear or are they judging us as we are judging Christian? Our natural makeup is not all the same; our choices are not the same. Who are we and what right do any of us have to judge another because their chromosomal (or whatever) makeup is different from our own. Wake up people we are not on this earth to judge.
    LOVE ONE ANOTHER FOR WHO THEY ARE or be a PUTIN and destroy anything that isn’t to YOUR liking!
    Rant over!!

    • Peter Turner
      7 July 2022

      Congratulations Christian for being you.

      The trolls are just being haters with nothing better to do than tear down others and pass judgement.

      Ignore them and have fun with it.

  2. Phlan-Michelle
    4 July 2022

    There is only one message that I’d like to give too Christian. Honey just ask them.
    “Did you pay for what I’m wearing? NO! Till you do, STFU & when you do I might think about wearing it. Nah it’ll be a Potato sack so Bugger off.”
    But then I’m only an old Trans Woman. What would I know about humiliation, not much. It’s only been 46 year’s of Enlightenment for me. So yes what would I know. I only wear woman’s clothes on day’s that end in Y & all the other day’s I’m asking WHY?

  3. Brett Norris
    7 July 2022

    The wonderful thing about being NON-HETEROSEXUAL is that we don’t live by the social constraints that TOXIC heterosexuals impose on themselves. We celebrate the magnificence of bravery that individuals like Christian display every time Christian rubs out the lines. The NON-HETEROSEXUAL community have and will always ENDURE the hate, bigotry, and aggression by TOXIC heterosexuals. Christian ENDURES with FUCKING FABULOUS STYLE. This old POOF 100% supports Christian for being Christian. LOVES IT!!

  4. Nicholad Morris
    8 July 2022

    Christian rocks it! Hot! ..We are not all sheep! Stop the judgements

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