Location, Price, Quality: YHA Have Made Hostels Great Again

We’ve all seen some bloody awful, rundown, ramshackle hostels, but times have changed. YHA Australia proudly claim they’ve Made Hostels Great Again. We asked how.

Location, location, location

YHA’s 70 plus properties range from a 9-story metropolis smack-bang in the city to fairy yurts in Nimbin Valley. Travelling for work? A romantic weekender? Planning a boozy gig and don’t want to catch the last train home? YHA have a bed, or room for you.

The money, honey


Bottom line – hostels are worlds cheaper than any other accommodation option. End of. YHA Private Ensuite rooms start from $40 in some locations – literally unbeatable. Multi-share backpacker-y options are even cheaper, some under $20. We’re sold.

Not for profit, but for purpose

YHA are proudly not for profit. They reinvest every cent of earnings into their properties. YHA believe travel is a transformative experience and strive every day to make it more accessible for everyone.

Guaranteed quality

The reinvestment results in consistent and comprehensive redevelopment of YHA properties – meaning you’ll stay in the most lush YHA possible; every time. They’re also super dedicated to sustainability, so you’ll score a great nights’ sleep, killer Instagram feed, and know you’re supporting the planet.

S is for social

You should learn something new every day. Here’s a little-known fact. The “s” in hostel stands for social – a social hotel! Fact: in a hostel you encounter more people than you would at a hotel or airthingamjiggy; but when was a little human interaction a bad thing?

Delete your dating apps

Drag yourself down to the common area. Or up to the rooftop. Relax to the sounds of exotic accents. Smile at a stranger… if you dare. PS, there’s tonnes of private rooms if the smiling at a stranger thing instills you with anxiety. We got you.

Check out all of YHA’s great Aussie locations at their website today.

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