Would You Sign Up For These Guys’ All-Nude Gym?

All Nude Gym Youtube Video WEB

South African YouTubers Byron Langley and Thomas Willows have found the perfect solution for those gym junkies who are sick and tired of overheating in their tight, constrictive workout clothes… the “world’s first” all-naked gym.

In a video posted to their Langers & Mash YouTube channel, the guys take viewers on a tour of their new facility which includes a aerobic studio, a rock climbing wall and a strict ban on clothing.


“I joined this gym because I love the idea of being naked,” one of the guys says in the video.

“Adam and Eve were naked. I don’t see what went wrong? I’m very comfortable with it and that’s why I joined.”

It’s an interesting idea, but don’t get anything caught in the machines!

Watch the video below: