Belt Buckles, Rhinestone Suits and Cowboy Rugby Boots

That is how they are listing the Bingham Cup and the Brisbane Hustlers are winning games. For the first time since 2010, the Bingham Cup returns to the United States and lands in Nashville, Tennessee. Often referred to as “Music City,” Nashville is excited to transform into “Rugby City” in May 2016. Known for its Southern hospitality, the city has been looking forward to welcoming teams from around the globe for the 8th Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Cup.


MayorThe opening ceremony was held last night that was reported as an excellent night with free flowing beer as everyone was mustered inside to escape the rain. The speeches from all were really appropriate and the mayor is a hoot, she welcomed everyone and then said she doesn’t know a lot about rugby… but she does know 2 things about it…. and with that she opened a can of beer and sculled.
The Bingham Cup is named in honour of Mark Bingham, a great rugby player and a great guy. He was fundamental in the establishment of two premier gay rugby clubs – the San Francisco Fog and the Gotham Knights. He is also now known internationally as one of the heroes of 9/11. The global gay rugby community are privileged to compete in the Bingham Cup named in his honour.

Day 1 of Bingham Cup 2016 has concluded and the day’s results are available below.

One result to note is Washington Scandals 9.20am match against Ottawa Wolves where they registered the club’s first ever victory! Well done Scandals and all our winners on our first day of competition.

The Results: Bingham Cup 2016 Day 1: 27 May

08.30 (GMT -5)

Kings Cross Steelers B (0-41) Sydney Convicts A
Washington Renegades A (17-0) Philadelphia Gryphons
Melbourne Chargers (0-36) Boston Ironsides
Kings Cross Steelers C (5-46) Columbus Coyotes
Chicago Dragons B (5-31) Dallas Lost Souls
Quake/Portland/Fog/Falcons (0-19) Washington Renegades C
09.20 (GMT -5)
San Francisco Fog (0-40) Kings Cross Steelers A
Los Angeles Rebellion (24-12) Atlanta Bucks
Toronto Muddy York (7-24) Amsterdam Lowlanders
Washington Scandals (19-12) Ottawa Wolves
Nashville Grizzlies B (15-5) Armada Montreal
10.10 (GMT -5)
Seattle Quake (18-10) Sydney Convicts B
Chicago Dragons A (0-41) Melbourne Chargers A
Caledonian Thebans (54-10) Nashville Grizzlies A
Dallas Diablos (7-27) Colorado Rush
San Diego Armada (36-0) Madison Minotaurs
Phoenix Storm (12-5) Minneapolis Mayhem
Bigham Cup 2016 (205)11.00 (GMT -5)
Emerald Warriors/Berserkers (5-18) World Barbarians/Lisbon
Village Spartans (0-61) Brisbane Hustlers
Gotham Knights A (24-17) Washington Renegades B
Charlotte Royals (41-5) Charleston Blockade
St Louis Crusaders (12-7) Chicago Dragons B
Kings Cross Steelers D (0-17) Washington Renegades C
12.30 (GMT-5)
Melbourne Chargers B (0-53) Kings Cross Steelers A
Los Angeles Rebellion (7-34) Seattle Quake
Nashville Grizzlies A (12-29) Columbus Coyotes
Nashville Grizzlies B (10-5) Gotham Knights B
13.20 (GMT -5)
Emerald Warriors/Berserkers (13-19) Kings Cross Steelers B
Philadelphia Gryphons (0-45) Brisbane Hustlers
Ottawa Wolves (0-41) Amsterdam Lowlanders
Washington Scandals (17-22) Toronto Muddy York
Caledonian Thebans (64-0) Kings Cross Steelers C
San Diego Armada (45-5) Dallas Diablos
Quake/Portland/Fog/Falcon (25-5) Kings Cross Steelers D
14.10 (GMT-5)
Washington Renegades A (52-0) Village Spartans
San Francisco Fog (24-15) Boston Ironsides
Atlanta Bucks (3-12) Sydney Convicts B
Madison Minotaurs (0-31) Colorado Rush
Minneapolis Mayhem (50-0) Charleston Blockade
Phoenix Storm (7-19) Charlotte Royals
St Louis Crusaders (0-41) Dallas Lost Souls
15.00 (GMT -5)
World Barbarians/Lisbon (3-62) Sydney Convicts A
Gotham Knights A (0-34) Melbourne Chargers A
Washington Renegades B (34-7) Chicago Dragons A
Armada Montreal (17-15) Gotham Knights B
Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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