Workin’ Moms is back for Season Six

Workin' Moms Season Six

The Global hit show Workin’ Moms has debuted their sixth season on Netflix and things are as sassy as ever. 

After dropping on Netflix in 2017 the program has become a staple on the streaming service.

Following the lives of five Canadian mothers juggling work, life and kids, Workin’ Moms is a new and improved answer to Desperate Housewives.

Workin’ Moms: Strong, independent and hilarious women

Entering it’s sixth season, Workin’ Moms is continuing to shine.

The show follows the lives of moms Kate, Anne, Frankie, Jenny and Sloane.

In a nod to Desperate Housewives the show explores the challenges these women face racing children and juggling their careers.

However the program is sharper, wittier and has a much more progressive edge.

The characters portray strong women, in realistic, sometimes hilarious, sometimes harrowing storylines.

Each episode is different, engaging and utterly bingeable.

Strong Queer Characters

One of the most progressive aspect of Workin’ Moms is the inclusion of strong queer characters.

Frankie features as one of the mothers who meet in their parenting group early in season one.

Instead of existing as a sideline character Frankie features prominently alongside the other mothers as the series progresses.

Frankie is introduced as a realtor and same sex parent with partner Giselle.

As the series progresses and their relationship falters Frankie explores more diversity in her queer world.

After meeting and dating the much younger Juniper her life starts to change shape.

Frankie eventually meets new lover Bianca.

Together the three navigate the world of love, surrogacy and friendship.

It’s a refreshing and different exploration of the representation of queer women in mainstream television.

In short, it’s unmissable TV.

Workin’ Moms Season six is now available to binge on Netflix.

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