Woolies ban Indigenous and LGBT stickers from name badges

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Poor old Woolies can’t take a trick. If they weren’t rolling in billion-dollar notes, I’d almost feel sorry for the so-called Fresh Food People.

Adding to their many woes, the supermarket giant sent staff a memo a few days ago on ‘Preferred Dress Guidelines’.

The memo alerts workers to an obviously serious safety issue.

“We have recently observed instances of poor dress standards that may pose a potential food safety risk and/or injury in our stores.”

Wow! That’s a bother. You’d wanna fix that quickly.

But how on Earth do you suffer a food safety risk or injury from a Woolies staff uniform?

I’m a regular Woolies shopper. My Rewards Card has been around the block, I can tell you.

But I’ve never perceived the staff uniforms as dangerous.

Please, Mr Woolworths, can you specify exactly how poor dress standards pose a risk to food safety risk or injury?

Sadly, the memo never gets around to that. But it does go on to list the various changes necessary to alleviate the risks.

And at Number Two:

Image: Channel 7

“Our team and customers would like to know who you are. Display your name badge on top of the handy green dots on your garments. Keep your name badge clean and tidy. No stickers are to be added to your badge.”

Previously, Woolies allowed staff to wear stickers showing the Indigenous flag, the LGBT flag and the LGBT Ally flag. Indeed, one anonymous staff member told Channel 7 that Woolies encouraged staff to wear the stickers.

“On our badges, we have stickers that they encouraged us to wear. The stickers are the indigenous flag, LGBT flag and the LGBT Ally flag sticker.”


“Now they want us to remove all stickers on our badges.”

So there you have it.

Removing Indigenous and LGBT stickers from name badges will apparently alleviate risks to food safety risk or injury.

Or perhaps Woolies are running scared from accusations of wokeness after the poorly managed Australia Day hullabaloo.

Someone buy Woolworths and Coles an abacus.

Woman roasted for wild rant about Woolies pride cupcakes.

Australia Day: It’s all the LGBT fault now.

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