Woman roasted for wild rant about Woolies pride cupcakes

Woolworths Pride cupcakes
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An Australian Twitter X user has deleted a wild homophobic rant after getting trolled for claiming Woolworths’ rainbow cupcakes promote gay sex.

On Wednesday, the Australian supermarket chain started selling the range of “Love Proudly” cupcakes, adorned with a rainbow coloured heart.

A dollar donation from each sale of the $13 (!) nine-pack of the cupcakes goes to LGBTIQA+ youth organisation Minus 18, Woolies says.

But in a now-deleted social media post that seems to be serious (but hopefully isn’t) the woman complained that seeing the “gay cakes” made her think of gay sex.

“I am looking to buy some caked and just came across your Love Proudly Cup Cakes,” she wrote.

She then falsely accused the supermarket of “promoting sexual intercourse to under 18’s” and asked, “how low will you go?”

“Also what is the purpose of your Love Proudly Vanilla Cupcakes?” she asked.

“Do they: A. Make you gay? B. Make you better at gay sex? C. Suggest people who aren’t gay should be ashamed? D. All of the above.

“What do your shareholders think?”

‘Are straight people okay?’

The now-deleted X post spread online, prompting some hilarious responses from people who confirmed the gay cakes had turned them gay.

Queer comedian Kirsty Webeck confirmed, “Woolworths, I just settled down to eat one of these gay cupcakes and BOOM! The L Word started playing on my TV! My TV was UNPLUGGED at the time.”

“It’s true, my parents forced fed me rainbow cupcakes and now I’m a lesbian,” another person wrote.

“I love how close to being gay all straight people think they are. The only thing holding her back from loving women is diet. Just love them babe!” another person replied on X.

“They should at least be happy that they are vanilla, the most het of all flavours,” someone else said.

Another was concerned for the poster, asking, “Can I get straight people a glass of water or something? They’re clearly not okay.”

“Embracing inclusivity and love shouldn’t be controversial. And if someone’s mind goes to a sexual place with cupcakes, that’s on them,” someone else added.

But somebody else shared that they were concerned about the cupcakes, writing, “If there’s anything about these cupcakes to be horrified about, it’s the best before date. AUGUST!?”

Drag queen JoJo Zaho summed up, “Seek therapy immediately.”

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  1. DavidJSNSW
    29 February 2024

    I used to be as butch as Schwarzenegger before I ate one of those cupcakes. Now I can’t fill my handbag with enough of them.

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