Woman jailed for wearing rainbow earrings in Russia

Russia rainbow earrings
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A Russian court has sentenced a woman to five days in jail for wearing rainbow earrings as the country’s absurd crackdown on the so-called “international LGBT movement” ramps up.

Russia’s Supreme Court banned what it called the “LGBT movement” last November, designating it as “extremist” and “banning its activities on the territory of Russia”.

Now human rights groups are warning courts in Russia have started convicting people.

A court in Nizhny Novgorod, east of Moscow, sentenced a woman to five days of detention for reportedly wearing frog-shaped earrings with an image of a rainbow.

The woman was charged and found guilty of publicly displaying “the symbol of an extremist organization,” rights groups Egida and Aegis told Reuters and other outlets.

They said the judge explicitly cited the Supreme Court’s November ruling.

Reuters reported that a video posted online showed far-right activists harassing the woman and a friend about the earrings in a restaurant. The woman was later called to a police station after the video was posted online.

A day earlier, a female photographer was also in court in the city of Saratov for posting images of rainbow flags on Instagram. She denied the charges against her.

Another court in the southern region of Volgograd also recently convicted a man of the same thing. He had also posted a rainbow flag photo online.

That man had to pay a fine of 1,000 roubles ($16.79 AUD). The court said he “repented” after he pleaded guilty.

In Russia, any and all queer expression is effectively against the law. The country passed its infamous laws banning “promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” in 2013 and expanded them in 2022.

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