Woman filmed hurling homophobic abuse at gay bus passenger

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A woman was filmed hurling homophobic abuse at a gay man on a bus during Manchester Pride.

Karina Townsley was travelling home on the bus from the festival with her seven-year-old daughter when she filmed the incident.

Ms Townsley said the man was sporting a T-shirt with the slogan “homophobic abuse is criminal” and was chatting with other passengers on the bus.

“The man was talking to people about how he had put a red bow on a policeman, which raises awareness for HIV,” Ms Townsley told Manchester Evening News.

“It was a dead good atmosphere but then the woman started abusing him,” she added.

“She asked why he was gay, asking if he had been sexually abused.

“He was trying to ignore the abuse. Everyone was disgusted.”

The video shows the man standing up to his abuser, saying people should be allowed to be who they are.

“You have the freedom to be who you want to be,” he said.

“We can all be who we want to be, especially this weekend.”

The bus driver spoke up and told the woman to mind her language and keep quiet.

The video, which contains strong language, can be viewed on Facebook here.

‘Hearing things like that is disgusting

Ms Townsley said the incident during Manchester Pride also left her daughter distressed.

“When I got off the bus with my daughter [the woman] was screaming and swearing at the bus driver,” she said.

“My daughter was shaking, she isn’t used to conflict.”

The abuse shocked Ms Townsley, who is also a member of the LGBTIQ community.

“The most shocking thing is that he was sitting there taking it,” Ms Townsley said.

“I am bisexual myself and have got lots of gay friends, and to hear things like that is disgusting.”

Homophobic abuse is unfortunately not uncommon around pride festivals and events.

Last month, footage went viral of a woman spouting abuse at participants of the Pride parade in east London.

In the video, the woman shouts, “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Shame on you, shame on all of you.

“Shame on you, you despicable people, shame on you, you shameless people.”

Police later arrested the woman and took her into police custody in north London.

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