Woman calls boss ‘f_cking wanker’ and gets $6k compensation

fair work commission f_cking wanker

Okay. It’s every worker’s dream. Call your boss a ‘f_cking wanker’ and get paid for it. A woman in Darwin not only called her boss that. When stood her down, she told him it was a ‘c_nt act’. And the Fair Work Commission awarded her $6k compensation!

The woman worked for a labour-hire firm in Darwin. The Fair Work Commission heard the swearing occurred during video meetings with her Brisbane-based boss. She would roll her eyes and mutter ‘you are a f_cking wanker’.

Her former employer also alleged that she made disparaging remarks about her General Manager to other employees.

“Look at his pants. A real man would have a bulge.”

The woman denied some of her former employer’s allegations. However, she did admit to calling her boss a misogynist and wanker. She portrayed that as protecting junior staff from a boss whose behaviour concerned her.

“I had been concerned at the way he was looking at the younger female members of the staff in the office prior to this event.”

The employer countered with allegations the woman also abused and bullied junior employees. She allegedly called one staff member a ‘f_cking bitch” and another a ‘little bitch’.

In January, the boss informed the woman over the phone she would be stood down on pay while the company investigated complaints against her. She responded loudly that the action was a ‘c_nt act’.

Before leaving the office she told fellow staff to ‘have fun in this shithole of a company girls’.

A week later, the company fired the woman despite her request for a further two weeks to respond to the allegations. She then launched a case at the Fair Work Commission seeking reinstatement.

Fair Work Commission

The Commission found that the woman engaged in gross insubordination, deliberate agitation and persistent workplace bullying. However, Commissioner Paula Spencer also ruled that the employer sacked the woman without notice and did not follow proper procedures of fairness.

The Commissioner awarded the woman the equivalent of four weeks pay, in lieu of notice.

Miles Heffernan from Industrial Relations Claims told QNews, “Not every dismissal qualifies as unfair and most people understand that calling your boss a f_cking wanker or junior employees bitches will probably prove detrimental to your future in that company.

“But everyone is entitled to procedural fairness during their dismissal. However, the law only allows 21 days from the date of your dismissal to file a claim. So, anyone who feels they have been unfairly dismissed should seek advice quickly.”

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