Witty Canadian Buys Far-Right Group’s Web Domain To Get Furry Revenge

A far-right white supremacist group in Canada now has a website full of homoerotic furry artwork after a quick thinking Canadian purchased the domain from under them.

The Wolves of Odin, who refer to themselves as “The Clann,” gained public attention last month when they confronted a group of worshippers at a mosque in Edmonton.


Having seen news reports of their antics, Brady Grumpelt felt compelled to somehow reverse the negativity created by the white nationalist group.

His answer – buy a website in their name and plaster it with homoerotic illustrations of wolves.

Visitors to WolvesOfOdin.ca who were expecting to find racist and hateful material are now instead greeted by furry gay erotica characters DoggyTreat69, Chocolate_Rain and the rest of the pack (pictured above).

Grumpelt spoke to VICE about what inspired him to fight hate with humour after seeing alleged Wolves of Odin members causing disturbance at a bar where he used to work.

“I saw what group they were and wondered if they had their domain. The dot-com was taken but the dot-ca was not – so I thought to myself, I think I might take this and do something funny with it,” he said.

“It took about ten minutes to kinda think it up. I thought, ‘Well, it is wolves, so that works fairly well.’

“From that, I reached out to a friend who is better with computers and asked him to take this domain and turn it into a one-page furry fetish site.

“I’ll take whatever power I can away from them and use it for something else… The initial version was a lot more graphic.”

Grumpelt is willing to forego the website’s ownership, provided that the buyer is willing to make a $10,000 donation to the Hate Free YEG charity organization.

Hate Free YEG is the group raising funds to help clean up racist graffiti in Edmonton, Canada.

Reaching out for a comment, Wolves of Odin Alberta chapter leader Lloyd Thomas told The Star Edmonton that they are aware of the website’s existence and they recognise it was a humorous jab at them but pointed out they are not at all offended.

“Somebody saw that and thought they could make a good joke out of it, and good on them,” Thomas said.


“You’ve got to give credit where credit is due, whoever drew those pictures, they’re a pretty good artist.”