Willam blasts Michelle Visage hosting Drag Race Down Under

Willam and Michelle Visage against the Drag Race Down Under backdrop
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Willam isn’t very impressed with Michelle Visage taking over as host of the upcoming season of the newly-retitled Drag Race Down Under.

Last week, Michelle officially confirmed she’s taking over from Ru for season four of our Aussie-Kiwi iteration of the show.

RuPaul’s Drag Race firebrand Willam was one of the first to publicly spill that tea.

Now Willam and Alaska have discussed it at length in an episode of their Drag Race recap podcast Race Chaser, and the chat was very interesting.

“I don’t understand why a drag ally is the host of a drag show,” Willam began.

“I don’t get it. This is like someone who enjoys painting hosting an art competition but they’re not a painter, and they don’t have the ability to paint.”

But Alaska saw things very differently, replying, “She has earned her due. She has been on that panel by RuPaul’s side for over a decade.”

Willam then interrupted, “That doesn’t make her a drag queen! Why would you have someone who is not a drag queen hosting a drag show?”

‘They have local hires and they’re ignoring them’

Willam and Alaska then discussed their opinions on Michelle’s status as a drag queen, before Willam changed tack.

“There are hundreds of drag queens in the world, some of them very famous like Courtney Act or Vanity or Kween Kong, and they’re not hosting Drag Race Australia [sic],” Willam asked.

“Last season was abysmal. I thought the whole show was going to be scrapped, based on how much RuPaul was not entertained by the girls and how bad the Snatch Game was.

“Now they have Michelle hosting, who’s not a drag queen. It’s like someone who is coeliac hosting a baking competition.”

Alaska wasn’t so sure about that comparison. But Willam went on, “It’s a limiting factor. They don’t do drag. Michelle does not do drag.”

Alaska replied, “Are there people who don’t play football, who are sports commentators?”

Willam continued, “Why isn’t Courtney Act there? This is idiotic… It’s a gross oversight. It’s a blight on your history that you do not have Courtney hosting.”

(Full disclosure: back in her LA days, Courtney was Alaska and Willam’s bandmate in their group The AAA Girls.)

Alaska pointed out, “I think that we are very aware that that’s not going to happen. There is a personal rift between RuPaul and Courtney Act, whatever it is, which is how show business works.”

But Willam added, “I just want World of Wonder to remind themselves that they have apt candidates, local hires in the Down Under region, and they’re ignoring them.”

Michelle Visage recalls hosting gig handover

Since the big announcement, Michelle Visage has spoken in her own words about taking over Drag Race Down Under for season four.

“I feel very honoured that Ru has trusted me with her baby, and I am here to do the best job possible,” she told Nine this week.

“Ru handed this franchise to me with kid gloves, with all the love in the world and all the hope. All she wanted me to do was be me. That’s all I need. She trusts me.

“I’ll be doing my all own sayings because that’s what Ru wants me to do and that’s what I should do. It’s me.”

Michelle Visage made a surprise appearance at Sydney club Universal’s Drag Race viewing party earlier this month.

“It was wonderful to be there with Maxi Shield and Kween Kong and all the local kids. It was just so fun,” she said.

“What really separates Australasian drag from the rest of the world is the sense of humour.

“The dark humour that comes out of these Aussie and New Zealand queens is fantastic.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under season four will stream in Australia on Stan later in the year.

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  1. Peter Turner
    22 March 2024

    I am so over the show.
    Sorry, but it’s gone the way of most reality shows…too many seasons which have become repetitive and boring.
    If Courtney Act was hosting maybe I’d watch coz I’m a fan but not in it’s current format.

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