Will and Grace’s Megan Mullally talks ‘bullying’ after feud rumours

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Megan Mullally has opened up about being bullied at work. The Will and Grace star said it has prompted some of her closest allies to turn on her.

Mullally made the admission during an episode of In Bed with Nick and Megan, a podcast she shares with husband Nick Offerman.

She left out the name of her alleged bully, but internet sleuths believe it could be Mullally’s co-star Debra Messing.

“I’m 60 and I’m being bullied right now, so you know it’s a very insidious and dangerous thing,” she said.

“I never want to lose that happy and innocent part of myself but it’s almost like you have to kill that,

“But I never will, it’s part of who I am, it’s intrinsic to my nature.”

Megan also opened up about the effect bullying can have on victims.

She said: “You think it’s your fault. They’re good at making you feel like it’s you and you brought this on yourself.”

Megan and Debra feud

No one knows for sure if she was speaking about Messing in the podcast, but she graced over it regardless.

She said she has had a difficult time standing her ground because the person she works with has come down even harder.

“The thing that I’ve had happen ⁠— this is tough ⁠— because I’m not good at standing up to people and having boundaries,” she said.

“So as I’ve gotten older, I’ve thought if anyone tried to do that, I would try to defend myself.

Mullally said the situation could get dangerous and she won’t go into detail.

“I’ve had a recent situation and I can’t be specific about it but I had it happen,” she said.

“I did try to stand up for myself in certain ways and that made it a thousand times [worse].

“Because…the bully, it just lit a fire under that person where they just tripled their efforts and it can get very dangerous.

“This is a work situation for me. It’s tough because the very nature of the bully is…once they’re challenged, they really go to town.

“Like you thought it was bad before, wait.”

Unfollow and delete?

Fans have also noticed Mullally doesn’t follow her co-stars on social media.

During the podcast, she seemed to address this and explained why she is “pretty much on [her] own”.

“The bully has recruited many of my allies to their side,” she said.

“They’re not my allies anymore.”

There has been speculation of the falling out for quite some time with insiders alleging the co-stars couldn’t be around each other.

Maybe that’s the reason Mullally is absent from two of season 10’s episodes.

According to The Sun, around the time of the alleged falling out, Mullally took to Instragram.

She posted: “One of the best feelings is finally losing your attachment to somebody who isn’t good for you.”

We’re not sure if it’s about Messing specifically, but good on Mullally for standing her ground anyway.

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