Widespread rejection of Ivanka Trump’s heedless Pride tweet

ivanka trump pride

Presidential enabler Ivanka Trump took time out from her role as an advisor to her father yesterday to tweet ‘Less hate, more love’. She decorated the tweet with flawed Pride imagery. Her tweet came just days after the US coronavirus death toll passing 100,000. Also, as the presidential advisor tweeted, riots took place across the country following the murder of George Floyd.

Later that same day, Ivanka Trump joined her father and other administration officials on a walk to a nearby church for a photo-op. White House officials told reporters either Hope Hicks who works for Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner or Ivanka herself dreamed up the publicity stunt. It came as a response to criticism levelled at the president after he sheltered in a White House bunker during protests outside the executive mansion.

Bunker Boy

Before Trump’s visit to the church, the administration arranged to clear peaceful protestors gathered outside. Heavily armed military police and National Guardsmen on horseback moved in. They fired flashbangs, tear gas and rubber bullets. Additionally, helicopters hovered overhead in a tactic usually used in warzones to disperse insurgents.

The White House did not notify the rector of St John’s Church of his visit. She, like her parishioners, had to run from the tear gas and rubber bullets. The bishop responsible for the church afterwards described Trump’s visit as an outrage that exploited the church as a ‘prop’. She also said it was only Trump’s second visit to the church.

Not for the first time, critics of the tweet accused Ivanka Trump of being tone-deaf as well as insensitive. One might also add — ignorant.


Warning: Strong language

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