Why Zoë Coombs Marr ‘objected’ at Rhys Nicholson’s wedding

Zoe Coombs Marr and Rhys Nicholson at Kyran Wheatley's wedding
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Rhys Nicholson says their “ex-wife”, queer comedian Zoë Coombs Marr, dramatically and hilariously “objected” to Rhys’ wedding to hubby Kyran last month.

In late September, Aussie comedian Rhys, who uses they/them pronouns, married Kyran Wheatley at a ceremony inside Sydney’s Enmore Theatre.

But back in 2016, Rhys “married” fellow queer comic Zoë in a “straight wedding” at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Friend Hannah Gadsby MC’d the ironically very queer affair.

Comedians Denise Scott, Judith Lucy and Celia Pacquola were bridesmaids. The whole thing was a light-hearted protest against Australia’s same-sex marriage ban.

Of course, Rhys was engaged to Kyran at the time. When the celebrant told Rhys and Zoë they could “kiss the bride”, both comedians kissed their partners instead.

In a new chat with the ABC, Rhys Nicholson has compared their two marriages, as diplomatically as possible.

“[Kyran and I] got married at The Enmore Theatre, and it was pretty great,” they said.

“It’s probably better for this marriage to say it was better, and it’s a final jab at my battleaxe of an ex-wife.”

But Rhys went on to add, “I’ve only been gay married for a month, I was straight married for much longer.

“The gay wedding was probably harder to organize; the straight one, we had a producer, and a bit more happened.

“When Zoë and I got married, we wanted to sign a will. So we got Wil Anderson to come out and we signed him.

“[Kyran and I] didn’t have things like that. We did decide on the day that it’d be funny if Zoë objected.

“Everyone was laughing. But we realised later on our young niece and nephew were in the front row and had no idea what was going on.

“They thought the wedding was actually kicking off into a fight.”


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Rhys Nicholson and Kyran Wheatley married after 12 years together

Rhys and Kyran have been together for 12 years, and were engaged for years. The couple had to delay their nuptials a few times during the pandemic.

The Sydney wedding had a guest list filled with Australian comedy royalty celebrating with the couple. But sadly, one of their longtime friends couldn’t make it.

Rhys and Kyran later shared the handmade wedding gift comedian Cal Wilson made for the wedding before her death earlier this month.

RuPaul endorses Rhys Nicholson’s first book

Rhys Nicholson’s first book Dish is out today (October 31). The book is “a series of revealing stories, intrusive thoughts and a recipe here and there.”

“[Rhys is] hoping to ruminate, gossip and generally have a deeply private, wide-ranging conversation with themselves about a whole bunch of life’s smaller questions,” the synopsis states.


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But for the cover of Dish, the Drag Race Down Under judge managed to score a celebrity endorsement from RuPaul.

“My very nice publisher at Penguin Random House said, ‘Do you think you could ask?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, I mean, I guess?’,” Rhys told Yahoo!.

“I sent an email and it was way longer than it needed to be, just trying to right-click synonym different ways to say, ‘Totally fine if not!’.

“I got a reply that was just like, ‘Yeah sure, I’ll get something to you in a couple of weeks’.

“I’m so appreciative and excited about it and it was so lovely for her. I couldn’t believe it.”

Rhys said the book quote – “This Dish is served hot, funny and sincerely fresh!” – reads “almost as if someone had said to ChatGPT, ‘Give me a RuPaul quote for Rhys Nicholson’s book called Dish’.”

“I’m terrified that I’ll see her again and I’ll be like, ‘Thank you for the book quote’, and she’ll be like ‘Hmm?’ and I’ll say, ‘Never mind!’” the comedian joked.

Rhys Nicholson’s Dish is out now, and the comedian is launching the book around Australia in the coming weeks. They’re appearing at Brisbane Powerhouse for queer arts festival MELT on November 16.

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