Why You Should Join Brisbane’s Pride Business Network

pride business network
Photo: Pride Business Network

Brisbane’s Pride Business Network has extended an invitation to professionals and business owners who wish to be involved in business, social and support networks within the Queensland LGBTIQ community.

Since its inception in the 1980s, the Pride Business Network (PBN) has been committed to providing opportunities for building LGBTIQ business networks in Brisbane, and it aims to encourage successful LGBTIQ business ventures through education, mentoring, support and social interaction.

Now, the organisation is looking to expand the membership and form sub-branches throughout Queensland with some major regional centres expressing interest in increasing their engagement with the statewide LGBTIQ community.

Pride Business Network President and QNews Magazine publisher Richard Bakker said, “The Pride Business Network is a rich resource for Queensland businesses who want to meet new people, expand their business networks and develop new business by increasing their visibility in LGBTIQ communities.

“Potential members are sometimes deterred by the thought the organisation might be a staid and besuited Chamber of Commerce type set-up, but we’re far too diverse to be anything like that.

“Some of our members do wear suits. Others wear thongs. Some wear both, not usually together.

“Our organisation is made up of as rich, varied and colourful an assemblage as the LGBTIQ community itself.

“The current members have some great new ideas for the coming year, and we’d love to see lots of fresh faces joining our events, benefitting both their community and the future of their own businesses.”

For more information on joining Pride Business Network check out the website here.

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