Jai Dara Latto

By Keith Humphreys

Scottish transgender woman Jai Dará Latto will hike for 30 miles in high heels and lingerie to create awareness of the challenges faced by Scotland’s transgender community.

In April, the 23-year-old make-up artist and winner of last year’s Miss Transgender UK will walk from her home in the rural village of Walkerburn to Edinburgh, a trip expected to take her more than 10 hours.

“I want to show the long process of transition,” Jai told The Daily Record.

“I deliberately chose the route and the distance to show the time and length that many trans people have to go through to become their true identity.”

She’ll complete the journey by wearing nothing but high heels, a collection of skimpy lingerie and even a pair of Victoria’s Secret-style angel wings.

“The high heels are to show the difficulties there are while going through this process – and the pain that many trans women get when they try and fit into a female stereotype,” she explained.

“The Victoria’s Secret-style outfit is to show that trans people should be proud of their bodies no matter what stage of the transition they are on. We are all beautiful and should be seen as that.”

Jai is also raising money for Indian and Thai transgender charities and she said she has gotten support for her 30 mile journey from everyone she knows.

“There’s a huge mix of people in the area and some people might think a small rural community might be judgmental but they’re not,” she said.

“My family are 100 per cent supportive and have always been there for whatever I wanted to do as long as it made me happy.”

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