iPhone users in Russia have only recently been introduced to Siri (Apple’s voice-interactive personal assistant) and users have quickly found that there are some things that Siri doesn’t like to talk about – and this includes anything to do with LGBT issues.

One user took to youtube to take Siri to task over here apparent homophobia and reluctance to discuss anything gay.


In the video, the uploader, a young man named Alex, is seen asking Siri: “tell me about gay marriage.” Her response is a curt, “Alex, you are so rude!”

When quizzed on where to find local gay nightclubs, Siri responds: “I would have turned red, if I could.”

Siri again wanted nothing to do with marriage equality when Alex asked “how to register a gay marriage in England”. Her response: “I will pretend I didn’t hear that!”

Siri’s responses are similar to those offered by the English language version of Siri when confronted by swear words, suggesting that the word gay has been deemed a profanity in the Russian version.

Apple was contacted by a number of news outlets, however have so far refused to comment other than to say that it was a “bug” which has now been fixed.

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