Every day too many people in our communities are victims of direct or indirect homophobic behaviours and attitudes which can cause psychological damage. Yet despite all of the many advances our communities have made over the years, so often people remain silent when confronted by homophobia rather than speaking out. One reason for this can be the fear of something bad happening which can result from psychological conditioning we’ve had when growing up.  

For many same-sex-attracted people, psychological damage can be done prior to coming out –feeling defective, inadequate, isolated, and fear of rejection. This can lead to lack of assertiveness – your mind is trained to basically put up with homophobic behaviours at work, socially, or in family situations.

It’s easier than you think to take a stand, to make a real difference – and it’s so much better when you get support. Talk to your boss, write a letter to the straight and gay papers, comment on internet news articles, talk to your local MP, gain support through Facebook friends, or Google, and write to someone or an organisation who can speak out for you. Many in our communities are psychologically conditioned from a young age to keep silent, but once you overcome this internal barrier it is incredible what can be achieved by any one of us, and all of us acting together.

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