The stats regarding the mental and physical health issues in our gay and lesbian communities are horrific. This includes being twice as likely to have a very high level of psychological distress, almost 3 times as likely to have had suicidal thoughts. This is, of course, a result of the damage that so many have from living in an ignorant and incredibly silly homophobic and heterosexist society. The sad fact is that bisexuals actually have even worse mental and physical health problems than gays or lesbians.

When a gay or lesbian comes out, it is often the start of a journey of healing which usually includes being connected to our communities. Bisexuals don’t have the same option. When they come out as bisexual, many people don’t believe that they’re being honest. They think they’re gay or straight depending on whom they are with and that they can’t make up their minds or that they are in a state of transition. When they are with a same sex partner they are accepted by the LGBTI communities. When they have a partner of the opposite sex they are often excluded. When they’re with a same sex partner they’re often not welcome in straight communities. This can be incredibly isolating.

Gender and sexuality are not binary, where everyone is gay, lesbian or straight or male or female. To feel valued, a bisexual person needs to feel understood and accepted in our communities whether they are with a same or opposite sex partner. Lets put the ‘B’ back in LGBTI, and promote it as a being as valid, healthy, real and as wonderful as all other sumptuous and gorgeous variations of gender and sexual diversity.

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