The fight for marriage equality has really been heating up recently, but make no mistake, equal marriage rights in the near future is far from being an inevitability. There is more work to be done, and those who oppose equal marriage are doing everything in their power to delay and prevent any changes to Australia’s marriage legislation.
The reason that we are in striking distance is because of the tremendous amount of hard work from many of our great activists who have, for many years, lobbied politicians, relentlessly pushed their case through any media outlets that would listen, and organised public campaigns and rallies to raise awareness and to change hearts and minds.
Organisations such as Australian Marriage Equality need your help now more than ever, and aside from donating and attending rallies, one way you can show your support is by encouraging businesses to publicly declare their support for marriage equality, just as 154 of Australia’s biggest brands did in a recent edition of the Weekend Australian.
When businesses support marriage equality, it reflects strong community support for the reform and adds pressure on parliament to allow change.
If you would like to add your business to the ever growing list of businesses that support marriage equality or know a business that would be interested, we would encourage you to visit www.corpsupport.org.au
To the right is the declaration of support made by QNews.

QNews is proud to support Marriage Equality.
Over many years our team of people have displayed a proud record of fighting for equality for LGBTI people across our region. We have proudly donated our energy, passion and our valued space to this cause for a long time.
We believe that all Australians are equal and should have the same rights!
Thanks to our mostly volunteer team we proudly continue to help to push for changes to the few remaining unjust anomalies in our laws, both state and federal, that create discrimination, inequality and hurt to many LGBTI people in our community.
In our state of Queensland, we have more people living out of our capital city than in it. This is different to all other mainland states where most of the population lives in the capital city.
The isolation of many people in our state, & Northern NSW & the NT, is hard enough, but to be treated in some ways like a second class citizen who still
pays first class taxes is hard to justify, especially to those who are vulnerable including many young people.
QNews strives to send a positive message across our region to all LGBTI people reassuring them that they are significant, that they are not alone and that they are as important as the next person.
In Queensland we have a very high suicide rate, with disproportionately high LGBTI suicide numbers.
We believe that the sense and feelings generated by inequality partly contributes to this figure.
The QNews team has long been an advocate and supporter of Marriage Equality and we implore our government to listen to the whole population of Australia. We believe an overwhelming majority of Australians want fair play for all Australians.
We believe that in the spirit of Australian mateship, it is time to fix the inequality of marriage in Australia that our LGBTI community has endured. We believe that LGBTI people have been sacrificed due to unjust laws and we ask our politicians to have the courage to stand up and be counted. We ask our politicians to listen to their electorates, to the voices of the majority of Australian people and to fix this problem now!
We just want all Australian’s to be treated equally, without excuses for prejudice!


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