Why Bianca Del Rio said no to All Stars 7

Bianca Del Rio Drag Race All Stars 7

With All Stars 7 just around the corner winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, Bianca Del Rio, has revealed she was asked to participate. 

However she made the choice not to head to the work room again.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy she spilled the tea on exactly why she said no.

No All Stars 7 for Bianca Del Rio

Bianca Del Rio is arguably one of the most popular and successful winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

After sweeping the competition in season six everyone expected or rather wanted her to appear in the All Stars 7 all winners season.

However like fellow winner Bob The Drag Queen Bianca was not announced as part of the cast.

Whilst promoting her upcoming world tour to Digital Spy she reveals she did get asked by World of Wonder.

“I wasn’t interested,” she said.

“It just didn’t make any sense to me. The format wasn’t what I wanted. Well, not “what I wanted” – it just didn’t suit my life.”

While it didn’t interest her, she was quick to remind us she didn’t have a problem with the show itself.

“It was one of those things as I’ve said before – Drag Race was an amazing thing, and it was an amazing opportunity for me. And I often use the phrase: would you go back to high school?”

For Bianca Del Rio it was more about making it more interesting for her and for finding a time within her schedule to fit something like All Stars 7 into it.

“Had the format been a little different, and had the situation been a little more interesting to me, I would have said yes” she said.

“But at this point in my life, also know this: I would never not work to go film a television show. I’m not a stupid bitch. I would never cancel dates or cancel a tour to go filming.”

She might be loud, but Bianca Del Rio is smart.

“I didn’t feel there was anything I had to prove, or go back.”

Whilst she said no, Bianca Del Rio wasn’t adverse to the idea of returning.

“Now, I was open to options, and I even gave suggestions, which all fell on deaf ears. So it just became what they decided,” she revealed to Digital Spy.

The season six winner has been keeping herself busy regardless.

“At this point, there’s enough queens that they can do whatever they want with. It just didn’t fit my world right now. It’s nothing that I wanted to do, and I didn’t feel there was anything I had to prove, or go back.”

Bianca has cemented a position for herself as a live performer touring the world and it works for her.

“I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I prefer a live audience and performing, you know? Had it been a different set of circumstances, I would have said, Sure!”

“Bob The Drag Queen and I have talked about it. Aquaria and I have talked about it. Even Violet Chachki and I have talked about it. I think it just varies for each person, you know?”

A different format for All Stars 7?

Part of her reason for not returning was the format, Bianca Del Rio even suggested changes to the shows format that might have enticed her back.

“Oh, I just suggested anything other than being in the same competitive format that we’ve seen for 14 seasons, you know?”

“I thought: what if it’s a Big Brother event? What if it was this other type of situation where we had to be out in the wilderness and have to do drag? Or trapped in a house?”

“Anything other than the same format.”

Not about reputation for Bianca Del Rio

Bianca Del Rio certainly isn’t worried about going back for her reputation, that’s for certain.

“I feel that every winner won for a certain reason,” she said.

“So I don’t feel like, Oh, going back, it’s going to be tarnishing.”

It’s clearly something the comedian feels she just doesn’t really need.

“I go, “Going back? Why am I going to spend $70,000 on costumes to have Carson Kressley tell me what he thinks? Oh, please, Mary!”

“I love Carson, but f**k off. I don’t need to hear it! It’s not my type of thing.”

It’s certainly a true statement, with each winner taking the crown for different reasons it would make sense to tweak the format and change things up.

“And the show is a completely different beast as far as the ranking and the levels now.”

Bianca recognises the differences in the show, how and why she won and what it’s become.

“We had design challenges. We had to make stuff.”

“And now everybody is sponsored and bought, and trying to outdo one another before they even get there.”

“But it’s the same format. So it didn’t seem like anything I wanted to do.”

For now, let’s relive the best of Bianca Del Rio below.

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