Why 120 orgs have signed this statement of trans solidarity

Trans Justice Project gathers on the steps of Victorian Parliament
Image: Julian Meehan, courtesy of Trans Justice Project

More than 100 organisations have signed a statement of solidarity with the trans and gender-diverse community ahead of Transgender Awareness Week next week.

The statement, put out by the Trans Justice Project, comes amid increasing attacks on trans people’s lives, rights, and healthcare.

The Trans Justice Project said “organised hate and disinformation” is a “fundamental threat” not just to the trans community, but to the rights and freedoms of everyone as well as Australian democracy.

Director Jackie Turner said, “Trans people deserve to thrive. We deserve to be able to build good lives, have the freedom to be ourselves, and feel safe in our communities.

“But right now our lives are under attack from an anti-trans lobby, who are trying to take away our freedoms and our rights.

“The last year has seen an unprecedented escalation in attacks on the trans community.

“This includes in-person abuse, legislation and legal challenges attempting to remove our rights and protections, and the proliferation of disinformation created with the aim of restricting our access to gender-affirming health care.”

The Trans Justice Project and the Victorian Pride Lobby found in a recent report that 1 in 2 trans people had been confronted with anti-trans abuse, harassment or violence in the last year.

“Together, we are calling on our leaders to stand with us against the attacks on our community, and commit to opposing any move that would threaten the safety, rights, or health care of trans and gender diverse people,” Jackie Turner said.

You can read the trans solidarity statement online here.

Transgender solidarity statement

The trans solidarity statement pledges support for the rights and freedom of trans and gender-diverse people and also to “stand up to hate and division”.

It pledges to hold leaders accountable for anti-trans rhetoric, as well as defend the right of trans people to access gender-affirming care and be safe in their workplaces and services.

More than a hundred human rights, gender equity, LGBTQIA+, and violence prevention organisations and unions have signed.

Transgender Awareness Week starts next week, running from November 13 to 19.

Gender equity organisation Fair Agenda is among the signatories. Executive Director Renee Carr said “the fight for women’s rights is intricately linked to the fight for bodily autonomy for all.”

“Anything that threatens the bodily autonomy of people, especially trans and gender diverse people, sets a dangerous precedent that endangers the rights and freedoms of all women,” Renee said.

Switchboard CEO Joe Ball said ongoing attacks on transgender people’s rights caused surges in mental health support calls.

“When there are attacks on the freedom and equality of people in the trans community it has a huge impact on our sense of safety and wellbeing,” Joe Ball said.

“Calls to our support lines always spike at these times. People experiencing abuse, harassment or discrimination affects their mental health.”

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