When Money And Family Might Not Be The Perfect Mix: Enduring Power of Attorney

Public Trustee Enduring Powers of Attorney

By The Public Trustee Of Queensland

Many people are currently celebrating marriage and all of the legal responsibilities that come with it. For those who are single, or attached but not planning to wed anytime soon, it is still important that you give thought to your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney.

  • Your Will outlines where you would like your assets distributed after your death
  • Enduring Power of Attorney is a document you need to make to protect yourself while you are alive.

None of us like to think about it, but a loss of capacity can happen at any time due to illness, injury or age-related causes. Without an Enduring Power of Attorney in place, if something happens to you it is generally your family that would apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to be appointed to look after your health and financial matters.

For many in the LGBTIQ community, relationships with their families of origin can be difficult. Should you have other support people in your life, or a partner who you would like to become your primary decision-maker about where you would live, your health needs or your finances if you lose capacity for decision-making, it is important that you make an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Your Enduring Power of Attorney enables you to appoint the people in your life who you consider suitable, and who have your best interests at heart, to manage your financial and health matters. You can have more than one attorney, and you are able to advise on what powers each of them would have.

For example, you may have one person who understands what’s best for you in terms of your lifestyle decisions, but another who would be better to manage your financial affairs. By taking the time to plan now, you can put in place the support you would want should the unforeseen happen.

The Public Trustee can assist to make your Enduring Power of Attorney for a competitive fee of $191.05, or $290.85 per couple. If you appoint the Public Trustee as your sole Financial Attorney, the document is prepared free of charge. We can also make your Will at no cost.

To find out more about our services, or to make an appointment, contact us on 1300 360 044 or visit our website. Trust us to be there when you need us.

Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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