When it is an internal condom, of course!

Is the term “female condom” outdated? While it can be difficult to advocate for changes at the higher level, we can do our bit and adopt the term “internal” over “female”. We can also advocate the use of internal condoms for all receptive partners, not just those identifying as female or with vaginas. While internal condoms have not officially been tested and approved for anal sex in Australia it is believed to be a highly effective preventative measure against HIV and other STI’s when used correctly. The standard internal condom is a 16cm condom (like a super-sized regular condom) that the receptive partner inserts, either with his finger or on his partner’s penis. It has an outer ring and inner ring to help keep the condom in place, but the inner ring can be taken out for anal use.

There are many websites and YouTube clips demonstrating how to use the internal condom for anal use (there are also clips for vaginal use also).

The condom material is nitrile, which is stronger against breakage than regular condoms and can be used with water or oil based lubricants, and by people with latex allergies. Other benefits include extra protection against skin to skin STI’s and it does not require an erect penis for insertion. Not only this, but it has also been identified as providing increased pleasure to both parties due to the material used and looser fit.

You can also fill out the form at www.chep.hiv/freecondoms if you would like them to send you some internal condoms to try, for free!

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