‘When do they sleep?’: Tourist left exhausted after Mardi Gras

TikTok tourist says Mardi Gras too exhausting
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A travelling TikToker who visited Sydney during Mardi Gras and the city’s WorldPride has complained the supersized Pride season was too exhausting in a hilarious rant.

Canadian tourist Chris Zou filmed the bleary-eyed TikTok this week, complaining that he had no warning how big last weekend – the combo WorldPride opener and Mardi Gras – in Sydney would be.

“I honestly am shocked that I’m still alive because you guys, my mates, did not warn me about Mardi Gras,” he said.

“This is not just a regular party.”

He said back home, what would be considered a “wild” party had paled in comparison to what he’d experienced in Sydney.

“You know back at home when you have a party, it would start at maybe like 11pm and ends at like 5am and that’s considered a pretty wild night?” he said.

“But here? No, no, no. You have a pre-party at someone’s place. And then you have a day party that starts at two or 3pm and then it ends at 10pm.”

Chris explained at that point, he was looking forward to calling it a night and getting to bed early. But then, he says he discovered kick-ons.

“But no, no. Then you’ve got a night party after that, that starts from 10pm to like 5am,” he said.

“And then there’s an after-party at someone’s place that ends at like 9am.

“And then what? Brunch! When the f__k do these people sleep?”

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‘I don’t have that much Pride left in me’

Chris said he now understood that Mardi Gras and WorldPride were rolled into one.

“Apparently all the Australians [from] outside of Sydney knew about this,” the traveller said.

“But my friends and I are stuck here for one more weekend for WorldPride. I don’t know if I have that much Pride left in me.

“After this trip, I don’t know if I’m gonna be gay.

“I don’t know if I’m going to have any more gay juices left.”

Locals commented on Chris’ TikTok telling him all he needed was some Hydralyte and a day or two to recover.

“Welcome to Australia. We know how to party,” one person commented.

“There’s getting ready drinks, pre’s, the actual party, the after-party, kick-ons, and brunch. That’s how it goes… you’re welcome!” another wrote.

Another person sympathised, writing, “It sounds fantastic but I’m going to take a nap now just after listening to how exhausted you are.”

The official Mardi Gras account also weighed in, writing, “Bus 👏🏼 club 👏🏼 another club 👏🏼 next place 👏🏼 no sleep 👏🏼.”

Sydney WorldPride continues

Over two nights last weekend, Sydney WorldPride opened with a big concert at the Domain before the Mardi Gras Parade returned to Oxford Street.

About 12,500 marchers on 200 floats danced, sang and celebrated in the 45th parade on Saturday night.

And WorldPride is continuing, with the festival’s human rights conference and more concerts as well as a historic 50,000-person Pride March across Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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