What’s your high body count? #IKissedABoy

ikissedaboy high body count Dannii Minogue hosts BBC gay dating show I Kissed A Boy
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We’re gagging for Danni Minogue talking high body count with contestants on #IKissedABoy.

There’s as yet no legal way of watching #IKissedABoy in Australia. And we would never ever resort to the use of a VPN or illegal torrent site just to watch mindless reality television. Never, I tell you.

But you can catch all the best highlights on Twitter anyway.

Like Dannii Minogue asking contestants for their high body count.

Cue sheepish looks and general embarrassment as everyone tries to decide whether to tell the truth or just make shit up?

“30,” replies one lad.

30! Has he been living in a convent? Sometimes I worry for the youth of today.

But Oli gives us hope with a score of 400. Of course, that fires up online slut shamers but the poor things need something to do – they’re not having sex after all.

Universal acclaim for Danni Minogue

Social media commenters give a huge tick of approval to Dannii Minogue as the host.

Going where few dared go before

Viewers also say they are grateful for a show that discusses real subjects. That sometimes includes going places few shows have gone before.

But, as one viewer pointed out, the show missed a wonderful chance to sow dissension in a chemistry test.

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Dannii Minogue to host a new gay dating show.

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