What’s the verdict? Is Disney’s Elsa a lesbian?

frozen 2 elsa disney lesbian

Is Elsa a lesbian, or is she not? Back in 2018 various media reported “reliable sources’ stated that Frozen 2 would see Elsa ice-skate out of her chilly closet. Disney, of course, say nothing. However, both official trailers released for the film this year offer tantalising hints.

Disney based the character of Elsa on the title character of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’.

Many suspected that Elsa harboured lesbian tendencies after the first movie.

They didn’t stay quiet about it.

They ensured Disney knew of their hopes for Elsa.

Some signed petitions to “make Queen Elsa a lesbian.”

Others used the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend on Twitter.

When asked about the potential for a girlfriend in Frozen 2, director Jennifer Lee said, “we’ll see where we go.”

While giving fans of a lesbian Elsa hope, the statement also cast fear into the bosom of those who believe a lesbian Disney Princess will end the world as we know it.

Homophobic Brazilian Minister for Human Rights Damares Alves became very concerned.

“Why does she end up alone in the ice palace?” she asked.

“Because she’s a lesbian!

‘The Frozen Princess is going to return to wake Sleeping Beauty up with a gay kiss.

“This is very serious.

“I used to be a young girl, dreaming about being a princess, and dreaming about my prince charming.”

Yeah! And now you’re a Minister for Human Rights who doesn’t give a shit about human rights!

Elsa did that?

The thought of Elsa kissing Sleeping Beauty turned your heart to stone?

Frozen 2, the first teaser

In the first teaser, released back in February, Elsa throws off her iconic gown in favour of pants. That broke many a drag queen’s heart. How do you mime a ballad in pants?

Elsa appeared notably defiant. She gazed out over the ocean, before deciding to cross it.

Her special powers allow her to control ice and snow but in Frozen 2 she also walks on water.

A lesbian messiah?

The first teaser also sees a new female character. Who is she? Is she a younger version of Elsa’s sister, or a love interest?

Joining the Dots.

Let’s join the dots here.

In 2018, gay fans expressed outrage when Disney hired a straight actor to play their first openly gay character.

Is it then relevant that openly bisexual actress Evan Rachel Wood joined the cast of Frozen 2 last year?

The latest Frozen 2 teaser

In the second official teaser released this week, a large rodent speaks with one of those wise authoritative movie voices to Elsa.

“Elsa, the past is not what it seems. You must find the truth.”

Numerous other voices tweeted back, “The truth is you’re a lesbian.”

At the rodent’s instruction Elsa goes north in the enchanted land and the unknown.

On the way she battles mythical beasts on land and underwater. She risks perilous rapids and incredible unnatural phenomena until we eventually see her walking hand in hand with the new female character.

We’ll have to wait for the movie’s release in November to discover if Disney is gaybaiting or finally allowing a lesbian princess to join the ranks of the company’s extensive royal family.

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