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With the onset of winter there’s nothing quite like settling in with a good book on a cold night. Each week we’ll be bringing you our top three recommendations of what to read to keep you entertained.

From the latest and greatest to some of our old favourites there’s a little bit of everything to choose from. This week it’s all about young adult fiction. Featuring a great lineup from queer Australian authors with unique stories from our community. 

A cult classic reimagined

‘Only mostly devastated’ is a unique take on the classic ‘Grease’, without the cars, musical numbers and misogyny. Will and Ollie meet during their summer break by the lake. Love blossoms as they spend their days together falling head over heels for each other, or so they thought. As Will returns to his normal life his texts from Ollie run dry.

Seemingly forgotten Will begins plans to change schools as his family uproot their lives to support his terminally ill aunty. The last person Will expected to find at his new school was Ollie. The last thing he expected was to be ignored.

What follows is a well told story of love, acceptance and finding a place in the world. Perfect for fans of ‘Love Simon’ only mostly devastated is ‘an LGBT+ ‘Grease’ update with so much heart it practically beats off the page!’ This is one of four novels by Australian queer author Sophie Gonzales and well worth the read.

Local queer authors cosy queer crime story

‘Nancy Business’ is the latest offering from R.W.R McDonald a queer author and father living in Melbourne. A follow up from his previous offering ‘The Nancy’s’ this cosy queer crime will warm up your cold days with a dash of comedy, optimism and nostalgia.

Twelve year old Tippy tells the story of this modern family drama. Accompanied by her brilliantly quirky uncle Pike and his partner Devon, Tippy and her family explore the mystery of a deadly explosion at the local town hall.

Described as ‘What you might get if you rolled Little Miss Sunshine, Dumplin’ and CSI into a book-shaped ball and threw it into a small-town NZ. Funny and flamboyant with real weight.’ Nancy Business looks to be a fantastic second offering from this talented Australian queer author. Nancy Business will be released nationally on June 1st 2021. 

The Magic Kebab

What better place for a story to take place than in a shop called the ‘Magic Kebab’. It’s the perfect setting for the debut novel ‘Beautiful Mess’ by Brisbane queer author Claire Christian.

Ava has had a rough time. Losing her best friend Kelly wasn’t easy. Full of rage at the world it’s not long before Ava is thrown out of school. But the ‘Magic Kebab,’ her local greasy Kebab shop where she works becomes her sanctuary. Especially when newcomer Gideon comes along.

Gideon is shy, he’s anxious, he lives in his head. Raised by two supportive mothers Gideon leaves the comfort of his vinyl records and slam poetry to take up a new job with Ava.

What follows is a beautiful and touching exploration of friendship. Beautifully flawed and touching characters that you will fall in love with will keep you captivated in this impossible to put down book. 

For more book recommendations be sure to check our monthly book reviews as well as our latest author interviews on our YouTube Channel. 

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