We’ll Soon Know How Many Postal Survey Forms Have Already Been Returned

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has announced it will publish weekly national estimates of the number of same-sex marriage postal surveys that have been returned.

The estimates will be published on the ABS website each Tuesday from October 3, until the survey closes on November 7. Official participation rates will not be available until the final result is released on November 15.

ABS Deputy Australian Statistician Jonathan Palmer, who is running the survey, said there is great public interest in its progress.

“These updates may encourage participation by those who have not yet responded and will inform reasonable public expectations about the likely final level of response,” he said.

The ABS will base the counts on Australia Post’s assessment of the number of containers of sorted envelopes rather than counts of individual forms, and factor in other adjustments.

All eligible Australians should now have received their postal survey forms, and the ABS has asked anyone who hasn’t received one to order a replacement.

Options for Australians living or travelling overseas, people in remote communities and people with accessibility issues are also available.

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