Election 2019: Welcome Queensland Labor Senator Nita Green

Nita Green Senate 2019 election
Nita Green and Elida Faith on the campaign trail. Image: Facebook

While we wait for the 2019 federal election results, we can confidently predict one outcome. Another member of the LGBTIQ communities will enter the Australian Senate. Queensland’s Nita Green becomes Senator Nita Green.

Nita heads Labor’s Senate ticket in Queensland. That makes her win a certainty for election with Labor expected to pick up at least two senate seats in Queensland this election.

Nita Green moved with her wife from the Gold Coast to Cairns in 2018, pledging to base her office in Far North Queensland if elected to the Senate.

During the last few weeks Nita dedicated time to campaigning for Labor’s candidate for Leichhardt, Elida Faith.

Elida is a long-time advocate for the LGBTIQ community, helping organise Cairns rallies for Marriage Equality back as far as 2010.

Nita Green

Nita is a passionate advocate of increased health funding, raised in a single parent family by a mother, a nurse for over 40 years.

“My mum is my hero,” Nita said on Twitter.

“She’s a nurse who gave up so many things so her kids could get ahead. When I left school, I couldn’t afford uni straight away. But I got there eventually.”

Nita says she understood at an early age the difference that access to public education could make to her life and future.

She worked in retail and hospitality while studying for a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Juris Doctor in Law.

She then worked as an employment lawyer at Maurice Blackburn. In 2017, Nita Green took of the role of Queensland Field Director for the Equality Campaign.

She currently works as an organiser for the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union fighting for the rights of Queensland workers.

QN Magazine welcomes the election to of Senator Nita Green as another passionate advocate and member of the LGBTIQ communities.

Nita attended a forum QN Magazine held on the first anniversary of the announcement of the same-sex marriage survey vote.

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