Weekend Crossword: LGBTIQ people in the news 2019

weekend crossword lgbtiq people

The QNews Weekend Crossword this week focusses on LGBTIQ people in the news in 2019. They come from the worlds of politics, entertainment, sport, and culture.

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Once the media only reported on LGBTIQ people when they committed a crime.

However, as more rid themselves of unjust laws targetting LGBTIQ people, we often now see members of our communities celebrated in the media.

Whatever field these folk work in, they raise our visibility, most of them in a positive manner.

Try the QNews weekend crossword and test your knowledge of LGBTIQ people in the news in 2019.

There’s a second hint for each clue under the crossword.

However, if you still need cheats, search the keywords of the clue here at QNews.com.au


Hints Across

3 Hey there, _______ Girl.

5 She’s a celebrated television chef.

8 Twilight

10 You’ll remember his name, but can you spell it?

11 Once an Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete.

12 PFLAG National Spokesperson.

13 His surname is Smollett.

16 He also hosts a web parody called Gay of Thrones.

17 Luxembourg

18 Even though so tiny, Qantas needed police to remove the sisters from a plane.

21 She says, “The things that make us different—those are our superpowers.”

23 The model, singer, and actress has multiple tattoos.

25 He came out on the last day of Pride month.

27 His husband is David Furnish.

28 Josh Thomas was his first boyfriend.

29 Horny Rainbow wouldn’t sound the same.

30 After Nanette, Douglas.

31 Their biggest hit is ‘Stay With Me’.

32 She’s also Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs.

34 He’s also a choreographer and guest judge on Drag Race.

36 He’s the heir of the Maharaja of Rajpipla in Gujarat.

41 In Australia, he appeared on Rake and also in the movie Drown.

42 Black Comedy

43 Billy Ray’s little girl was once Hannah Montana.

46 A retired senator.

48 The first openly gay comic to appear on a late-night talk show.

49 Originally from Cologne in Germany.

51 She has degrees from the University of Oxford, Harvard Law School and the National Law School of India University.

52 YouTube Makeup Guru

53 Began her career as a child model and actress.

54 Her surname is Frangipane.

Hints Down

1 “I’m not going to the f*cking White House.”

2 Mum was a Vanderbilt.

4 Retired swimmer

6 Famous for memes.

7 Jess’s ex.

9 He began his career on YouTube.

11 Native Tongue

14 She gives great side-eye.

15 Senator Green lives in Cairns.

17 No one wears a dress better.

19 Miss Daniels, I presume.

20 And now he’s engaged.

22 More commonly called ‘That old ****’.

24 According to some children, he invented drag.

26 Qantas

33 _AB__I_BO

35 Ms. Cox

37 ___ Brnabić

38 He’s Irish.

39 The apple of Steve Job’s eye.

40 A former editor for Breitbart News.

44 Daytime TV

45 The Project

47 Livin’ la Vida Loca

50 Blanca


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