Week in Memes: Lil Nas X, Newscorp, Ned Kelly, Cute puppies

week in memes cute puppies murdoch

The Week in Memes. Cute puppies, a Lil Nas X milestone plus a Tony Abbott historical highlight and a monumental rewriting of Aussie bushranger history by Abbott’s great sponsor, the Murdoch media.

Cute puppies

Oi! Don’t run with scissors you little shihtzus

@therealshihtzusophie Ready for freaky weekend!✂️👻💀 Costumes available on the link in our instagram bio 👍 #freakydogs #dogsincostume #doghalloweencostume #doghalloween #cutedogsoftiktok ♬ Super Freak – Rick James

With cute puppies out of the way, time for some queer celebration. This week marks the 2nd anniversary of Lil Nas X releasing mega hit Industry Baby.

Lil Nas X Fact — a hero for our times

Over 6 billion solo streams on Spotify from only 19 solo songs.

Chart-topping power bottom Lil Nas X broke all the rules. But he won. The singer came out during the success of the presumed One Hit Wonder Old Town Road. He then quickly became a staunch and outspoken queer advocate. More like early Act Up AIDS activists with their jarring DGAF advocacy than the besuited don’t-scare-the-horses advocates of recent times, Lil Nas X relentlessly claps back at prejudice and hate with a cutting wit.

He’s a hero for our times.


Aussie politics – don’t worry – all dinosaurs eventually meet their asteroid

Tiktoker liposaus1 reminisced this week about legendary journalist Kerry O’Brien’s televised exposure of Tony Abbott years ago.

Like eventual successor, Scott Morrison, Abbott’s main achievement is his consistent record of non-achievement. His own party sacked him from the Prime Ministership before he could serve even a single term. Then the voters of Warringah tossed him from the safe seat held by the Libs and their predecessors since its creation in 1922.

But ever willing to nurse wounded dinosaurs back to health, the Murdoch media promote the discarded pollie’s thoughts as though they matter.

Lachlan Murdoch recently nominated Abbott for a seat on the Fox News board. That’s the same Fox News that Republican Senator Mick Romney calls “a dangerous propaganda factory detached from reality, poisoning the minds of its inhabitants.”

The very same Fox News that recently paid a record $787.5 million to avoid a potentially heftier payout for a defamation action brought by Dominion Voting Systems. As part of the agreement to avoid trial, the media giant also admitted to broadcasting false statements about Dominion.

What is it they say about Newscorp? Where news goes to die. Why I wonder?

@lioaus1 Just pure brilliance! #auspol #fy #fyp #fypage #australia #aussie #aussietok #journalist #journalism #shutdown #interview ♬ original sound – Lionel

Number one trusted parenting brand in Australia

Speaking of the Murdoch media, the company’s Kidspot describes itself as “the number one trusted parenting brand in Australia.”

But this week it had a whine about a tacky inflatable Ned Kelly-inspired Santa riding a donkey sold at Bunnings this festive season.

And “the number one trusted parenting brand in Australia” shared some Ned Kelly history. Particularly the bit about how our most famous and well-documented bushranger died in a shoot-out with police in 1880. (Screenshot below.)

Whaaaaat TF?

The National Gallery of Australia’s Ned Kelly Lesson Plan for years 3 – 6 features painter Sydney Nolan’s famous The Ned Kelly Series. It includes The trial, a painting of the court proceedings where Kelly was sentenced to hang, months after the shoot-out… 🤔

Perhaps Kidspot should ask 8-year-olds to fact-check their articles?

Ned supposedly commented on Kidspot before his death.

“Such is life.”


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memes week ending 28/10/23
Kidspot on Ned Kelly’s death. Article remains unchanged at time of publication: 11.30 am 28.10.2023. Update 2 pm 31.10.2023: Reference to Kelly’s death now removed from Kidspot article.)


Services Australia admitted in Senate estimates this week that only 23% of calls to Centrelink were answered in July and August. This, of course, follows in the footsteps of the Robodebt scandal. The Lib/Nats’ unlawful debt recovery scheme where debt notices were issued to 663 vulnerable people who died soon after. Centrelink staff and family members of welfare recipients who took their own lives blamed the arrival of false or incorrectly calculated debt notices for the suicides.

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Happy Birthday, Ned Kelly, though we never knew you at all.

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