Webcamming Part 4: Autofellatio for fun and profit

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A good gimmick can dramatically increase the earnings of a single guy token-whoring on webcam. And autofellatio is as good a gimmick as any. There’s limited competition because few men can actually do it. Further, with the addition of a toy, the cammer can offer a one-person orgy for his audience’s online viewing delight.

An exclusive series of articles by Destiny Rogers and A. Muriuki on how webcamming revolutionised porn and on the people who work as sex broadcasters.

Blowing your own horn

Famous sex researcher Dr. Alfred Kinsey claimed in his much-lauded 1948 study Sexual Behavior in the Human Male that vast numbers of men attempt to auto-fellate as teenagers. However, his research also indicated only about .02 percent manage.

Successful practitioners are generally young, lithe, flexible, and possessed of a large — or at least long — penis. Rumour has it some men take up yoga specifically to enhance their body flexibility sufficient to reach their hard-on with their salivating tongue. Nothing worse than being so near, yet so far away.

The early twentieth-century Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio supposedly had a rib removed in order to pleasure himself. More recent rumours claim singer Marilyn Manson underwent the same procedure for the same reason, though he denies it.

Chaturbator Nandez has all the necessary attributes

The history of autofellatio

Ancient Egyptian texts refer to both gods and their followers practicing what we can thus refer to as the ancient art of autofellatio. The Greeks gave it a mention and medieval texts and artworks also reference it.

The Book of the Dead of Henuttawy, ancient Egyptian papyrus in the British Museum

However, the best documentation naturally comes from after the invention of the movie camera.

The earliest cinematic self-suck featured an eccentric character called Vido Aras, born in Argentina to Lithuanian parents. Amongst the many strange but true exploits that litter his biography, he injured himself when he fell twelve metres in an attempt to steal Harvard’s priceless Guttenburg Bible. After his US porn career faltered, he worked for John Lennon and Yoko Ono as their son Sean’s nanny. Vido took the job to save sufficient money to travel to Spain where he was sure Salvador Dali would appreciate the artistic merit inherent in his party trick.

He then worked for many years fellating himself in a live sex show in Barcelona. He apparently married and lived a full and happy life before his death in 2017. We do love a happy ending. Apparently so did Vido… down to the last drop.

Vido Aras

Porn’s Ron Jeremy, hard at it since 1977 and still going — or perhaps we should say cumming — strong, came to fame through his ability to suck his own dick. And certainly, the fact he could spared countless female porn stars the unsavoury chore of doing it for him. According to a joke in the early porn movie industry, some actresses stipulated in their contracts they would not perform bestiality or have sex with Ron Jeremy.

Another camming autofellationist

Gay porn

Autofellatio quickly moved from straight to gay porn with movies devoted to it. They had names like Blow Your Own Horn, I Lick It Cuz I Like It, and Because They Can, no doubt based on the old joke — why does a dog lick his own balls? Because he can.

While Vido Aras stuck a cucumber up his arse to increase his pleasure in the first filmed self-suck, gay porn actors had access to actual penises. Some threw their ankles behind their ears and pleasured themselves orally while a stud serviced them anally. Generally, scenes culminated in a creamy climax and some enthusiastic lapping.

Another cammer who can go down, or is that up? on himself

Are all autofellationists gay?

Short answer — no. Let’s face it, all the act consists of is masturbation using something other than a hand. Though, when asked, various practitioners answer that the act is more like giving head than receiving.

Certainly, some of the male performers who cheerfully gratify themselves orally on cam, have girlfriends in real life or perform convincingly with female partners in other cam rooms.

The self-proclaimed King of the Selfsuckers, pictured above, does have some claim on the title.  Certainly, he is slim, flexible and a quick perusal of his Twitter feed shows another very sizeable advantage.

He previously cammed as one of the many faux transgender performers that inhabit cam sites. He also performs shows with male and female performers equally enthusiastically. Last year, he auditioned for Bel Ami and there’s a clip of his audition tape on his Twitter feed.

Many cam enthusiasts proclaim a cammer named Izzy Guy as the real King of the Selfsuckers and we would tend to agree. However, he does not utilise social media to advertise his shows, and cammers deserve their privacy preferences respected.


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