Waylon Smithers gets new sugar daddy boyfriend on The Simpsons

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Waylon Smithers will find love with a new billionaire boyfriend in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons this month.

The character, who earlier came out as gay in a 2016 episode, will have a new romantic storyline in a new episode set to air in the US on November 21.

In 2016, Smithers came out to his longtime boss Mr Burns but found out his love was not returned.

But in the new season 33 (!) episode, titled Portrait Of A Lackey On Fire, Smithers is moving on with another billionaire sugar daddy.

In the episode, Waylon Smithers fall in love with fashion designer Michael De Graaf, voiced by gay actor Victor Garber.

“Smithers finds true love with a famous fashion designer, but will his new relationship destroy Springfield?” the synopsis reads.

Sweet story behind The Simpsons’ new Waylon Smithers episode

Longtime Simpsons writer Rob LaZebnik wrote Waylon Smithers’ original coming out episode in collaboration with his gay son Johnny.

And the father and son have teamed up again to write this new episode’s script.

Johnny told the New York Post that often, “gay romances are a subplot or alluded to or shown in some kind of montage or as a punchline.”

He went on, “What I think I was really excited about, with this episode, we get to see – without spoiling too much – the beginning, middle and who knows how it ends of a gay relationship.

“Really getting into the nitty-gritty of how gay people date, how they meet, what it’s like.

“That was really special to me to get to highlight characters who are not punchlines, who are fully formed.”

Victor Garber also spoke to the Post of the personal significance of his animated role.

“I think it’s crucially important that these stories are acknowledged,” he said.

“I haven’t played a lot of gay characters, but every time I do it, it brings back certain feelings I had as a young actor where I couldn’t be gay.”

In 2017, two former Simpsons showrunners recalled how censors almost blocked acclaimed eighth season episode Homer’s Phobia from broadcast because of its gay storyline.

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