WATCH: What If Straight Couples Were Treated Like Gay Couples?

Straight Couples Gay Couples Screenshot

A hilarious new YouTube video has explored the idea of what would happen if straight couples were treated to the same well-intentioned – but often invasive – questions that gay couples are faced with.

Comedians Laura Hartley and Jamie Janek, who post videos to their GinBlo Productions YouTube channel, play a lesbian couple who throw a dinner party for some friends who are – gasp! – heterosexual.

“Is that what they like to be called?” one of the girls asks nervously.

It isn’t long before the girls are bombarding the straight couple with questions about their… ahem… “lifestyle”.

“You guys didn’t meet at church? I just kind of thought you guys would be religious.”

“What kind of birth control are you guys using? You must get pregnant all the time!”

Watch the funny sketch below:

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